Here’s how to make mini vegan powdered doughnuts! BUY The T-fal EZ Clean Fryer at Canadian Tire For more info on the T-fal EZ Clean …


  1. Isabela Rodriguez

    Out of all the sponsorships Lauren has had this is the one I really wanna get.

  2. Can I use this dough recipe to make regular donuts/filled donuts??

  3. doubtfuldreamer

    How many times can you reuse your oil? I fried some potatos in mine and it already has a smell

  4. Can I make these in a air fryer, I’m one of those vegans lol. This recipe is so easy

  5. "i dont like rollercoasters.. so i eat dounuts all the time instead!!!" hahah i love it

  6. Kathryn McCallum

    I didn't trust myself with really hot oil in fear I'd burn down my kitchen so instead a while ago I bought a donut maker- do you reckon I could use this recipe or would I need to use one which is more of a batter

  7. Is there such a thing as baking donuts or they can only be made in a fryer?

  8. Virginia del Rio

    Full of fiber!!

  9. been vegan for 3 and a half years and i’m so excited for this lol

  10. fuck me up lmao

  11. I just made them and they were amazing Lauren!!! So so so easy and delicious!

  12. Virginia DeLeon

    Oh my laaaaaaaawwwwdddd

  13. That fryer looks amazing! How much does it cost?

  14. Omggggggggggg gimmeeeee

  15. I'm so ready for the Hot for Food cookbook #2 lol

  16. The Vegan Hippie

    I can actually taste them. Soooo good.

  17. Elizabeth Beaulieu

    FULL OF FIBER! haha

  18. YES!!!! YUMMM

  19. Hi Lauren
    What Type of oil are you using for Frying?

  20. This looks delicious, Is there a way to make it gluten free? Any flour substitute recommendation?

  21. CrazyCupCake991

    Dammit Lauren, are you purposely trying to get me fat??

  22. “Stick the thing in and just fling it around” this is why you’re my favorite and why your cookbook is the Bible.

  23. I feel like an apple corer would make a decent sized hole?

  24. Is there any way to make them baked?

  25. Make vegan macarons!

  26. Luv Hot for Food videos back to back to back! Always so excited to see what you're cooking and hear that laugh…it makes my day.

  27. You look sooo happy!! :)) Keep doing your thing girl!

  28. All my vegan Tiny Toms dreams come true.

  29. Cassandra.Lynn.11

    I've had this deep fryer for a few months now and I love it 🙂 Awesome recipe Lauren!

  30. Mouth. Is. Watering.

  31. Shiiizzzz!!! Those look incredible!! Hope you do a "Watch me eat" ep with these on Lauren IRL!!!! Loved when you just yelled "OK, WELL…"

  32. THIS IS THE FRYER OF MY DREAMS! I had to pause this video so I could add this fryer to our wedding registry ☺️

  33. 6:41 mood all the time

  34. Can you do a video about your cosmetic acupuncture ?

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