Minestrone Soup – Healthy & Nutritious Soup – Vegetarian Recipe By Ruchi Bharani

Learn how to make Minestrone Soup – Healthy & Nutritious Soup – Vegetarian Recipe By Ruchi Bharani Here is an amazing combination of taste and health and …


  1. You should not be a chef.
    None of your recipes are quick or easy.
    They involve too many ingredients with lots of pre prep.

  2. How the hell is this minestrone soup????? Fake ass

  3. salt?

  4. Menu- Delicious Pasta mornay
    Ingredient. Amount
    Pasta. -100 gms
    Butter -20gms
    Mornay sauce -100ml
    Cheese – 20gms
    Parsley. – half a pinch
    -Boil the pasta into aldent position.
    -Make a mornay sauce.
    -Saute the pasta in butter ,add mornay sauce and let the pasta get fully cooked.
    – Add grated cheese and finished with very finely chopped of parsley.
    If u guys like this recepie plz like,share & comments

  5. # Italian dish
    Menu- Minestrone soup recepie
    Ingredients Amount
    Carrots. 50gms
    Tomato 50gms
    Cabbage 50gms
    Onion. 50gms
    Garlic. Few flakes
    Tomato puree. 25ml
    Salt. To taste
    Oil. 25ml
    Cheese 25gms
    Macroni 25gms

    – cut the carrots,tomato,onions and cabbage into paisene cut (traingle/square/circle).
    – Chop the garlic
    – Heat oil, add garlic add vegetables and saute it .
    – Add the tomato puree saute for a few mints.
    – Add water/ vegetable stock( boiled and strained water of vegetables) till the vegetables are half cooked .
    – When the vegetables are half cooked , add salt and macroni.
    – When the vegetables and macroni get cooked,add the grated cheese and chopped parsley.
    – Check for salt and serve on a soup plate.
    Try this recepie u will really like it.
    If u like this recepie pls give likes and comment .

  6. nice !!!!!

  7. Prangya Patnaik


  8. I would like to taste your version, not that vomit Sainsbury's mascurades as minestrone soup

  9. Sounds good. The only thing I would do differently, instead of cornstarch, I would remove 2 cups of soup and blend until smooth, then return the 2 cups of pureed soup to the soup and it thickens it naturally, with no corn starch.

  10. VanillaTwilight

    She can make her soup however she likes, so shut up!

  11. Make veg momo soup! Please ruchi di 🙁

  12. What a relaxing voice

  13. Please do not call this Minestrone nothing to do with real Italian .. no one uses par-boiled vegetables or puree, it is made with patience.. not Italian

  14. can we use crumbled paneer in this soup??

  15. disgusting… it is not minestrone . It is just ketchup where the veggies are dipped in

  16. I tried the yellow zucchini. It tastes good.

  17. Ruchi can I use a yellow zucchini?

  18. Please share the soup stick recipe.

  19. I made it today it came out tasty and the aroma was mouth watering

  20. Humera Soopariwala

    +Ruchi Bhahrani yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum I am gonna try this

  21. Did she cooks in the living room?

  22. good

  23. Sydney Silver Show

    Great Video!

  24. this looks so yummy!

  25. Nice recipe, might try this soon, looks less chunky than other recipes, more liquid, yes very nice.  

  26. Dips Ramachandran

    plzz show us different soup rcipes….like veg clear soup…cream of veg soup..plz plz…

  27. Hi Ruchi,
    Love ur recipes… they are easy to make and taste very good. Can you kindly show how to make hot and sour tomato soup pls?

  28. hi ya .. am a beginner and ur recipes r helping me out so much .. would like to thank u first as ur recipes made cooking easier … and i tried this soup too and it came out very well ….. and ur recipes r all over turning yummy in ma Uk kitchen …. and please do post shallow fried snacks … thank u …. 🙂 

  29. This is first time …m writing 2 u …bt following u Frm long time….I lv ur recipes…n m having great Indian home cooked food in ma Melbourne kitchen.. lv ur recipes.keep uploading such recipes.xoxo

  30. This looks delicious!! Can you please show broccoli and cheese soup? Thanks!!

  31. This looks far too much tempting!

  32. hmm..lookng delicious..n im dfntly gnna try it,,,!!!thanx 🙂

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