Mexican Vegetarian Bean & Cheese Enchiladas Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

The Bean and Cheese Enchiladas is a Mexican dish where the tortillas rolled around a bean filling and covered with a chili pepper sauce. They are baked along …


  1. si eres vegano tal vez es una opcion pero nada que ver con las enchiladas reales mexicanas XD

  2. I love enchiladas

  3. Christina Aquino

    Indians dont eat our latino food i know i dated indian men.i cook for me

  4. h0bh

  5. How many servings do you get if you use the given proportions of ingredients? Is it two as shown?

  6. I've been a vegetarian for a few years now, I'm always in search of new yummy recipes! Thanks!

  7. i want ² eat it

  8. Hi Archana. Where are you from?

  9. Thanks. Great recipe and looks fun and easy. I added a hint of taco seasoning to spice up a bit.

  10. I tried this recipe and it turned out as delicious as it looks! Thanks for sharing!

  11. looks nice!

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