Mexican Street Food: Buying A Massive Vegetarian Wrap from “Cantina El Burrito” in Reading Market.

We were visiting Reading Town and came across this wonderful burrito stall. What we had was the appropriately named “The Beast” which uses a 12 inch flour tortilla flatbread and had the…


  1. Cheers

  2. I m feeling hungry

  3. Looks well but not mecican food. Yumlie

  4. A bootleg chipotle lol

  5. no such thing as a burrito in mexico lol…

    i went to a couple cities and asked for a burrito everywhere…and they always look at me and laugh…one guy who was visting mexico to see his fam told me a burrito is america's take on mexican food similar to orange chicken to chinese food….he said go to T-J if you want that

  6. definitely not mexican , But Good Effort tho ..

  7. Tiger In the Desert

    Miles better than a Subway. Looks fabulous.

  8. He should charge you extra for all the wrapping and foil paper you made him use.

  9. amazing … please subscribe my new channel , please support me friends

  10. darn white looking mexicans..

  11. Burrito looks good but why didn't he warm up the tortilla?

  12. Cuauhtemoc Aviña

    This is texmex burrito, in Mexican burrito there is no raw vegetables. Try some Chile Colorado con carne, Chile verde con carne, Rajas con queso, Chile relleno y frijoles, Carne deshebrada y Chile verde… Really not complaining other people embracing other cultures, but please do it the right way

  13. Que es hesto!!

  14. Good stuff. Food has the power to do so much good in the world and bring so many different cultures together. Cheers.

  15. That looks good, but not mexican at all! Nice try tho. Tex mex food.

  16. please sir.. cun I ave sum mo?

  17. How was the taste buddy!!

  18. Sure they look so mexican

  19. This guy's voice is acting materials. Would like to see him playing the villain in a new GTA game!

  20. It would be great, if you would rate the food either.

  21. Cheese comes from cow – so how can you be hindu or vegan and then eat cheese??

  22. Very awesome, Big fan of your channel keep up the great work!

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