Hey babes! Guess who’s back!? My beautiful sister Adrien! You guys know whenever we do a video together, it’s going to be fun. We’re doing our first ever …


  1. stephanie morales

    Loved this video! You guys should make this a series together lol ❤️❤️

  2. Are they mexican (: ?

  3. nice :):)

  4. Mexicaaaaaaaansssss

  5. Yassss #TeamPisces♓️♓️♓️♓️

  6. Your guys are both so pretty and hope to see your sister in more videos and can u do more food videos and I love both of yalls tattoos

  7. Whats around the straw?

  8. What is that red drink call?

  9. Where did you find jackfruit tacos girl!!?? I just tried bbq jackfruit sandwiches and they were!!
    So lucky you guys have each other, I would have loved to have a sister

  10. Where is this food from?

  11. Sylvia Tomlinson

    LOL i'm a pisces too and I love to watch crime/murder shows

  12. Sylvia Tomlinson

    wow i thought your sister was younger

  13. what is that on the straw

  14. I don't care to watch people eat…is this a fetish? Cause it's boring if it's not ur personal fun

  15. Theyre not human. Ethereal beauties

  16. I love you guys ❤️

  17. FUCK YAS

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