MEDITERRANEAN DIET BREAKFAST RECIPES (plant-based breakfast ideas)

Today I’m sharing three Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipe Ideas! Check out these Mediterranean recipes below 🙂 If you’re eating a Mediterranean diet and …


  1. What kind of recipes do you guys want to see next?!

  2. Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

    Awesome recipes!!

  3. Looked good but I'd skip the oil and molasses.

  4. Wonderful recipes and wondeful you!!! Thanks!

  5. vocal fry

  6. I can’t afford this shit!

  7. love your oatmeal idea! i was trying to think how to incorporate olive oil into my breakfast. thank you!

  8. Διονύσιος Ηλίας

    I am Greek, and that does not look Mediterranean to me. And by the way, are you single? Come to Kymi, Greece and marry me, if you want to.

  9. Hi Jordan, I am not using a microwave anymore and am interested in a "one cookie sheet dinner." Is that even a thing???

  10. Great ideas!

  11. Bushnell Entertainment

    Thanks for the ideas but why use both vegan and non vegan products? It sounded like in the last part you used dairy yogurt… Why not make a commitment to saving animals from suffering? Thanks

  12. You are very much into Mediterranean diet. 🙂 I like your breakfasts!

  13. Whats In My Life 2017

    Those oats looks so yummy!!!!!

  14. Thank you for the recipes- they all look amazing ⚘

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