FOLLOW ME | It’s tastePINK back with this What I eat in a Day (meal edition) series called, Meatless Monday!


  1. Fantastic video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to uncover this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food shows as well, all over the world, and therefore we are always seeking inspirations and perhaps approaches. Thank You.

  2. Where do you buy ur groceries? The oils and seasonings especially.

  3. Jackfruit tacos

  4. This looks bomb & I'm not even vegetarian. I'm here for the #MeatlessMondays & I would love to see the vegetable chick'n Alfredo next

  5. Jackfruiy tacos because i have a can one from tj sitting here.

  6. My first 90 days of the year I am going vegetarian. Then we will take it from there….Thanks for sharing your journey

  7. Jamaican here, so here for the Jackfruit Tacos

  8. Would love to continue seeing this series. Veggie alfredo gets my vote.

  9. More meatless Mondays.sis. Please miss ya

  10. Ohhh Jack fruit tacos sounds interesting

  11. HI Pink, please showed more video of cooking. Thank you

  12. My vote is for the chikn Alfredo.

  13. I’ve been vegetarian for 4 years now. This looks so vibrant and beautiful. I’m definitely gonna make this sometime! 🙂
    And I’ve actually never tried avocado oil. I’m gonna look for it at the store tomorrow.

  14. Mo praise and worship

    Yasss i enjoyed this so much, I've been trying to find healthier ways to eat for my family and I'm trying to lose some weight

  15. Looks yummy! Jack fruit tacos has my vote.

  16. Thanks for the video…I would like to see the jackfruit tacos.

  17. Thank you for being an inspiration. This dish looks absolutely delicious and I'm going to try it. Did you make those pot stickers? Can you do a Salmon dish?

  18. Beautiful- that looks so good!

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