MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST » 3 easy recipes

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  1. Savoury or sweet breakfasts… which one’s your jam?

  2. Misha Streater

    What is the brand and style of pot you steamed the potatoes in?

  3. Ranjana Awaghade

    Please provoide video on weight loss diet bcz you the first youtuber who's gives us such a greate information and i m feel greate when i watch your video's
    Plz make video on weight loss diet

  4. THANK YOU for something other than just smoothies and oats!!! Very inventive!!!! LOVE them all.

  5. May I ask you Sadia, did you make those wraps or store bought? They look very unusually grainy and delicious. Do you have recipe?

  6. Erica Marrison

    The only granola I've ever tried that actually keeps me full! Thanks Sadia!

  7. These all look delicious!

  8. The day has just started on my side of the world and I have a lot of big things to do but from the core of my heart I say that my today's best achievement is to come across this channel!!! Everything is just right 🙂

  9. Are u Muslim?? If yes why not any fasting cooking ?

  10. Rebecca Meunier-Mandar

    I looove these recipes! I've actually never seen this kind of vegan breakfast video and really enjoyed it. Your home (if its your home) looks beautiful! So happy to see a vegan youtube channel like this! So professional and you seem so genuine 🙂 instant subscribe

  11. Does she work with the CALM app? Her voice sounds just like one of the story and meditation girls on there

  12. She looks like George Clooney' wife Amal

  13. That yogurt seemed amazing! Was that your own recipe or a brand you recommend? They are so many choices nowadays…. soy, almond, flax, cashew, flavored, unsweetened? Thank you!

  14. O my God that granola is all I needed!

  15. Thank you for including a savory breakfast option! Those bars look delicious as well and I think I'm going to have to try them.

  16. The second one looks like an amazing dessert too :p

  17. Zebediah Sicilia

    Can I use regular yogurt? I have family that prefers plant based but I do not

  18. R u originally from Pakistan where do u live now ?

  19. Sadiia u r my favourite your videos.healthy delicious and enjoyable

  20. those plants!!!!!! the food!!! sadia!!!! AMAZING!!!

  21. I'm not even a vegan but these look so goooood!

  22. Lucero García

    Hi Sadia! Great video, as always. My request is not about more recipes but a guideline or something to people like me who are beginning to stop eating meat. It is not even vegetarianism yet because some times I don´t find anything to eat unless adding some fish or chicken =/ Hope you can share some tips. Regards from Mexico!

  23. I love your recipes thanks so much

  24. Can i add peanut butter instead of tahini

  25. Hmm the yogurt bars look good but I'd add coconut flakes or sticky rice flour into the yogurt for texture, so that when it thaws the yogurt isn't liquid. It might not work. But thats what I do to perfectly complete recipes, heh.

  26. Five seconds in, I love your top!!!

  27. kalpana Ganesan

    Pls suggest a Indian based vegan foods especially for spinster..

  28. love, you need to start linking the utensils you have in your videos and the bowls and cups. So pretty!

  29. Heather Mitchell-Adams

    This is just like my own granola, with the combination used for the nuts, seeds and fruit! I never thought of doing it this way though!

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