masala rice recipe – lunch box recipe | vegetable spiced rice | spiced rice with leftover rice

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  1. Am new subriber and fb follower

  2. let's cook with Bhumisuta

    So yummy masala rice

  3. Pls make more of these quick and tasty lunch box recipes

  4. Mam i was a big fan of your receipes, But these days the receipes tend to be repetitive with just a different name.I want the comment to be constructive.I hope you understand what I trying to convey


  5. Please post a video of kharvas means milk pudding

  6. Narmadha Shyamsunder

    I find you doing the same recipes again and again with only little to no modification
    Please try some different cuisines and styles with versatile cooking

  7. I love your recipes.please show how to cook Basmathi rice

  8. N Chandrasekaran


  9. Nothing new about the recipe… and peas is batani in Kannada not avarekai…

  10. Veena Rawal Rawal

    So nice yummy and tasty i love it

  11. sethuraman thiruvengadam

    Pl try different receipes. Not co-related

  12. Saketh Sri Bhargav

    super recipe just eaten

  13. Tuntuni Ranna Ghor

    WoW delicious

  14. Kayani Varadarajan0308

    Thank you for this wonderful receips tomorrow I will try this

  15. Very nice

  16. How do you make rice so grainy and not sticky/mushy

  17. Kindly share which rice u r using and how to cook plain rice..which will not break n perfectly cooked

  18. Thank u

  19. Very nice

  20. Looks Awesome !

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