Hey Spicegang….today we are having Manipuri style vegetarian food. Please enjoy!!!! Have a lovely day everyone. Thanks so much for watching. Our Q&A …


  1. You both are such a lovely couple…stay blessed…love from India

  2. Laangambi Kangujam


  3. Hahaha nungaire

  4. Pramochand Oinamcha

    Nungairiye ebai. Ebaihoidi nungairibra. Ado che apei nang lok thungba malle. Nahanba yade che. Singju without ngari. Eromba without ngari. Wowww ebai haona chaiko. Manipuri foodsingse ebai loina heinaraba malle.☺☺☺

  5. Can u make Duck curry

  6. 1000 likes when you try to make the real sounds of ( Axo….ne) …since i' m from sumi community. love you both God bless

  7. You're both wearing the same shirt as yesterday's video. Is that the same day too?

  8. Happy Valentine's Day…
    I and my family watch your video regularly.

  9. You are amazing! Keep going and sharing your love for great food.

  10. Beautiful couple…God Bless

  11. Apei i noticed you cough and have running nose often..please go see a doc

  12. Love love love love ❤❤❤❤

  13. Yaoreishang shinglai

    You guys are great

  14. Freestyle More Freestyle

    You can open up a restaurant in Siberia

  15. wow the 1st

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