Making Vegetarian Food That Meat Lovers Will Enjoy!?!

Check out Rawvana’s glorious channel and our collab making vegan Thai food here: And for a more in-depth conversation you …


  1. This was the most random collab ever

  2. Noo i will eat meat its more yummy :3

  3. Christina BlackFeather

    I add pace picante sauce to spaghetti sauce. Tastes amazing!

  4. motivational video:) thank you

  5. She has a sincerity when she speaks.

  6. Shes so cute

  7. Angela Shikany

    Thanks for cooking vegan.


  9. brandon lillibridge

    here for the VEGAN FOOD

  10. I wanna go vegan but I enjoy milk and I've
    tried almond milk rice milk and soy milk and I'm not fond of any of them.

  11. She's probably the hottest girl I've ever seen holly fuckkk

  12. I just wish there wasn't so much cilantro in your guys' recipes. I'm just on the short end of the stick with ending cilantro.

  13. Grastermane Forte

    A few of my Vegan go to things. Dried mushrooms. These are #1 they add meaty flavor to everything, use them whole, use them powdered use them sliced just they kind of do need to rehydrate. How well first rehydrate then. Number two black beans, They can be used to add texture to basically everything, they also make it filling, they taste boring so you add things to them that don't then they taste like that and now they are awesome. Three Avocados, Oh look I can make creamy things again! Wow, and these are good with everything! No that is not an exaggeration, yes even chocolate cake.

  14. I swear at 7:03, Shrek was going to appear and start singing..

  15. Rawvana ooh nah nah

  16. Toxic thumbnail bro

  17. Loving your channel, going to try out these recipes!
    You’ll love this veggie burger from Anna Jones
    …It’s actually banging

  18. shireen abutair

    I respect vegans and vegetarians but i don’t know why people go into them…
    The key is balance and control eating to live healthier not preventing and being restrictive about certain types of food … I believe that food is happiness so i love to enjoy my eating

  19. Where do you get your Omega 3's as a vegan? I have no idea, thanks!

  20. Jordan Swedburg

    What if your allergic to mushrooms? Can you substitute with beans?

  21. Maturity test: Did you laugh when he said "It just grows in your mouth"

  22. Michael Sherman

    If you have to make vegan food taste and feel more like meat, just eat meat. Clearly you're craving it.

  23. it looks really delicious but i honestly have never seen portobellos around where i live 🙁

  24. interestingyoutubechannel

    My god she is so beautiful, damn!

  25. I call this BS. No vegan food or sport is something that will help you to life healthier or look better. Eat what you want and just reduce the amount of Sugar in your food drastically. Sugar makes you hungry and you eat more. Nobody needs Sugar. It's like a useless drug.

  26. Kaleb McGrath Lee

    He regrets having a wife.

  27. I love this, more of this pleeeease!!! Esp the no oil –

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