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  1. What's your favourite go-to breakfast? Comment below! Always looking for inspiration and ideas for the blog ❤

  2. Mansi Pimpalgaonkar

    Hieee loved ur video But found bit fast than usual can u b bit slower.

  3. aloneunderthebridge

    you say bagel like britta from community, which is soo cute

  4. Princess Trisha Barney

    Do you think you’d ever make recipe videos using products like “Vegan Egg” by Follow Your Heart, or things for Hot Breakfast? Being a transitioning American vegan, it’s hard substituting the traditional American breakfast. But I also know that Soyrizo, hash browns, and veganegg, isn’t a healthy/complete meal on its own. Tips?

  5. Dirk Schuitemaker

    Are all these recipes lactose free?

  6. Hello sister I'm from india love ur work alot and I want to meet u.u r such a healthy food queen i like what u r doing and we want ur new studio tour once make a video in that please. I want to know what is ur profession would u please tell ur profession.. ur work is simply amazing..

  7. Hey sadia, can we use the flax seeds without grounding?

  8. Hey.. can show a tour around the pickup limes studio. I wanted to really see your kitchen and other areas

  9. oh my goodness!
    I am so in love with your channel, I found it yesterday and so far been watching on my breaks. I am vegetarian and trying to move to veganism, I still consume eggs and cheese 🙁 this is amazing, easy peasy recipes! Thank you so much! Keep up the hard work, keep inspiring people with your words and ideas, the world needs more people spreading good vibes! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sadia

  10. Please provide some apple recipes

  11. Can you please provide some recipes not using onion , garlic and mushrooms but still looking this much awesome. Also berries are not available in my area so please use some other fruits.

  12. Hi Sadia! I would love to see some low FODMAP vegan meal options that don't include a ton of oil. I'm not sure if there's enough of a demand for this sort of video (any fellow SIBO sufferers out there?!) to make it worth your time, but just an idea! Thanks for another great video!

  13. Gluten free options?! :'(

  14. It always makes my day when you have a new video up 🙂 Thank you for these awesome breakfast ideas (can't wait to try them!) and of course, for making my day 🙂

  15. Absolutely love this video…
    Thanks Sadia for sharing the unique breakfast ideas with us!
    I have a request: being a Bengali, our principal food is boiled rice, we call it 'bhaat'. Our cuisines are incomplete without it. Would you please share some quick side dish recipes that go well with rice?

  16. hoping for change

    Hey Sadie… The video was amazing but most of the products used are unavailable to me.. i can find some substitutes but please do have more alternatives for someone who lives in other countries… I live in rural india..

  17. Hi Sadia!! How long can the cream cheese and the granola bars keep in the fridge or the freezer? Love ❤️

  18. Honestly I'm so happy for you! Have been waiting patiently to see the new videos in the studio, and I have to say, the production value has gone even higher from what already was amazing! The recipes, backgrounds, shots, all looked stunning. Congratulations!!!

  19. Love your videos always. This is the first time I’ve noticed you saying “us” a lot though ! I thought you were a one-woman team mostly ?

  20. Great Vid – can’t wait to try these out 🙂

  21. Alyazia S. Alameri

    Your smile is gorgeous

  22. Sadia, your work is my inspiration, thanks for your videos – it really changes my mindset, slowly as it is, but I'm so happy I came across your channel 🙂 Good luck!

  23. I have asked before and I believe other families have as well. How can we incorporate more veggies for picky children? Can you share ideas that would work for toddlers? Also plain cream cheese, how would you make that? Thanks for the ideas. Always love your recipes. The boys LOVE your granola and banana bread recipe so much <3

  24. Great video! Thank you Sadia for these amazing recipes. One other great idea for breakfast is vegan Onigirazu (sushi sandwich).

  25. Do u have some vegan ideas with Indian touch or Indian ingredients?????

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