MAGGI PAKODA RECIPE Prepared By My GRANNY | Maggi Masala Recipe | maggi pakora | pakora recipe-asmr

MAGGI PAKODA RECIPE Prepared By My GRANNY | Maggi Masala Recipe | indian style maggi pakora | pakora recipe | asmr video maggi pakoda,maggi …


  1. Great job dadi ma u doing vry well to these children's

  2. بارك الله غيك مسلمة أوكافرة وجزاك خيرا، أنت طيبة.

  3. Yaar pls mata ji di help kr diya kro pls

  4. I'm sick of the country. disgust. You live there like animals. dirt everywhere. I wish you life in Europe or wherever there is civilization.I wish children more than a beggar's life. none of those children did anything wrong. They were just born in the wrong place.

  5. Subscribe please

  6. Vladimir Samsonov

    the kids are so adorable. The Granny is awesome! 🙂

  7. Maurice Johnson

    she has a beautiful soul

  8. Indian makeup and fun

    Biji tusi great ho

  9. سلام عليكم اريدافتهم القصة تساعد فقراء على حسابها الشخصي لواشلون مجرد سؤال جزاكم الله خيرا

  10. You are doing very good work

  11. كل الاكلات نباتيه عندهم مطبخ صحي ميه الميه

  12. ye dislikers ki maaki chut

  13. sakshi karanjkar

    I was just about to savour the sight of the delicious noodles and guess what? Lenovo ultra-sim commercial!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw Grandma outshines anyways by doing this phenomenal job of feeding those cuties!!!!
    God Bless her.

  14. May God grant me also so I would also make smile to others face's

  15. You are so nice

  16. Really good job…

  17. Dadi u real God

  18. احتراماتي وتقديري لك ..ارفع لك القبعه لعملك المذهل اتمنى ان اصبح مثلك في يوم ما تستحقين كل الاحترام والتبجيل

  19. is there any way to support them? i didn't find any link outside of youtube, sorry for awful english

  20. jai shiv shanker

    Good job really like your recipe

  21. This just put fried noodles in a whole new perspective. Bless.

  22. Gergely Horváth

    She's way too annoying!

  23. Really ap log bahut achha kam kar rahe ho kisi ke face pe smile Lana aasan baat nhi he too good

  24. aaapki

  25. ye video ksb kab aati hai

  26. الاميرة انا

    حلو جدنط

  27. You are good people ❤❤

  28. Each time I watch these videos, I am impacted by the beautiful smiles of these children. What a gorgeous thing to see!

  29. I love granny that's why I watched the videos look like my granny.

  30. Grandma you are a blessing to all these homeless children and people Gbu always beautiful lady ❤

  31. You are Indians

  32. How can I contribute ?

  33. U guys doing great job


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