LUNCH IDEAS FOR KIDS » vegan + healthy (bento box)

click to show more☟ These lunch boxes are as fun to make as they are to eat! Super quick, easy, and nutritious – they can be enjoyed by toddlers and adults …


  1. For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here:

  2. Here everydays lunch box is chapati sabji

  3. mam..Im really glad I found ur channel..loved ur recipies.. I've gained fabulous youtube channel and you have gained a subscriber.

  4. Hi PUL , Do you use organic for your recipes?

  5. Gwendalynn Alvarado

    Can you make tween vegan food I just "went vegan " for 2 hours it will help

  6. I <3 yours recipes.

  7. You are soooooo calm

  8. I'm not a kid anymore but I'm sure as hell gonna be enjoying these treats! Thank you, Sadia!

  9. I'm pretty sorry but gluten isn't healthy anyway.
    Fortunately, You can replace that by dosa.
    Good luck!

  10. Me&littleMsSunshine

    I love these ideas. My daughter has a tree nut allergy. Any ideas that don't involve nuts? Please I'm desperate!

  11. Honestly I'm 12 but I love fruits and vegetables

  12. Can you please make vegan kids lunch ideas without nuts? My school is very strict peanut free.

  13. What can I use instead of coconut oil? In the Nutella recipe

  14. Hello, I really like all of your bentos videos. Could you possibly make lunch bento that's easy for people who recently just got their braces like me for school?

  15. You should make asmr video's

  16. Nut free school ?

  17. Ok I love this video but they contain peanuts and nuts and a lot of schools have a no Peanuts rule it's a allergy hazard

  18. Upload some vegetarians healthy recpie….

  19. Hi this is shruti from India.. U know it's lovely video… U amazing yar…. Muaa

  20. Nadia Haidee Haidee

    These r great meals but it's unrealistic that the bears and other fun animals stay put when kids are ready to have lunch at school. Those lunch boxes get thrown everywhere

  21. As an adult who's a little bit of a fussy eater – this is perfect for me! I bought my first bento box today and I'm so excited to try it 🙂

  22. Only sweet food… for lunch ? Seriously ?

  23. Very helpful. Thanks for your ideas. I've watched tons of videos on the same thing. .and you were the only ones I'd use.

  24. Where can I find bento boxes?

  25. Sooo cute love it!!!

  26. Hi I m hoor.. I loved ur vlogs. Specially for kids .. keep making much more vlogs for kids lunch boxes etc..

  27. Just discovered your channel. So great, thanks! But one thing; what are my other plant based Canadian peeps using as nut butter substitutes? We can't send any nut products to school in Canada. Sunbutter has been my go to, but it's rather bland.

  28. Where to find these lunch boxes ?

  29. Jojo LovelyFlowers

    You need a bigger bento box

  30. Annie Adamson Yoga

    my son and I just watched this and loved it. Feeling inspired. Can you please make more for the kids

  31. I just love your vedios for their simplicity and practicality. Most importantly the presentation looks exquisite

  32. Elementary schools don't allow nuts anymore. Do you have any ideas that are nut free? Thanks!

  33. Josephine Gallagher

    mammy only gave me ham sandwich's

  34. at 1:50 there called pinwheels

  35. What about just getting a clock of hazelnut chocolate lol?

  36. Is gluten free vegan

  37. Thankyou sadia for the lunch ideas, very helpfull.

  38. @pickupLimes my very health minded friend warned me from using soy products for my daughter who is 6 year old. She mentioned oestrogen and hormones…I am confused. Can you please link up an article or make a video about it? I LOVE how UNhype and UnParanoid you are and I appreciate and words of wisdom. Xoxo love your channel

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