Lunch Box: Veggie Quesadilla Recipe Video by Bhavna

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  1. Kavita Uttamchandani

    How u prepare the quesadilla show us please thanks

  2. Hi Bhavana nice recipes

  3. the tawa looks super big,where did you buy it?

  4. Thankyu always fr lovely reciepe for veg

  5. hi Bhavna,
    how to organize vegetable wrap lunch for kids in the school program?

  6. Hi bhav a, what type of paper r u using here please?

  7. Really simple..tried it and tastes amazing.

  8. How did you wrap it with wax paper. Is there a way to fold it because it looked very technical

  9. Bhavnaben, your recipes are really fun, easy and delicious! Can you please post more healthy and quick recipes for picky eaters?

  10. waaaay to much butter! if you used a ceramic oan you wouldnt need to add butter or oil and a sprouted tortilla instead of wheat or corn would make it more healthy! 

  11. Hi Bhavna, nice recipe… could you please show us how to make "cheese" garlic bread at home… thank you…

  12. I like the recipe

  13. hi Bhavna i like your recipe and your learning style my kids like your that recipe.

  14. Hi bhavna nice recipe. I am needing that non stick pan where do I find it. Please please tell me.

  15. awesome recipe.thanks.

  16. thanks for your recipe. gonna try tomorrow.  may I know what paper you used to wrap it?  I checked it at walmart, couldn't find it?  is it microwave safe?  

  17. Keep up the great work 🙂

  18. Yes, I have to prepare very early around 6:30am.

  19. I guess u shot this in the morning, u look sleepy . Gr8 recipe nonetheless. Pls share more such recipes

  20. You can bake but won't be able to puff rotis directly on electric stove so just let it rise in pan.

  21. HI Bhavna….it is very good… daughter loves it….i want to ask you that how can i make chapati on electric stove

  22. Sanchita Srivastava

    hi,Bhavna..nice lunch box for kids, love this one. Can you please add some more kids lunch box recipe .thanks

  23. This was great !

  24. I made this last night and it was so good but I added avacado with my beans with a side of white rice thanks so much its easy to make and its very good.

  25. Thank you so much Bhavna. Nice of you. I am trying to watch videos from your site..but most of the icons on the top or not working. May i know how do i watch them on ur site.

    Thanks Again.

  26. Hi Bhavna…Sorry iam not able to see the videos . Could you pls share the link through email.

    Thank You

  27. Hi Bhavna..Nice Receipe. iam not able to see how to make beans that you filled for tortillas .
    Also Salsa which you used..what is the brand of the salsa and where can i get it.

    Thank You

  28. Hi Bhavna can you show how to make the salsa..?? like the one we get in KFCs and the restaurants …i have seen a lot of chefs make their salsa by simply chopping up some veggies and seasoning it….but the one we get in the restaurants are pretty much different and they taste better….its in a saucy form…i'd be glad if you could show on..

    Lots of love

  29. you channel is so inspiring!! you make me want to try new foods and recipes! i cant wait to start cooking your recipes for my bf!! thanks!

  30. he he, i also thought so as i have searched here a lot but dint find one…anyways thanks

  31. hi Bhavna,nice recipe and tastes really great…your tawa or the flat pan you used seems to be very useful…from which store did you get?

  32. i really like ur recpies v muchhhhhhhh, keep it up.

  33. what kinda cheese did u use????????

  34. hi what you used ,,,salsa or veggies..not clear

  35. Vid keeps stopping. I cry :((.

  36. I dont have kids yet but i am sure my husband will like it as an evening snack.. thanks

  37. I wish when i was a kid my mother put things like that in my lunchbox! Its sweet you make such an effort to make sure your kids eat well.

  38. That looks absolutely delicious…

  39. iam so hungry haaa haaaa:)))))))))))))))))

  40. Thank you so much,Great!!

  41. @VonLeachim Hi, I have an answer to your question. Here is a website to a recipe where she makes he own tortilla "boats" and she mentions that they do not get soggy even after sitting for a long time. I have never tried the recipe but it's worth a shot if you are interested! Let me know if you try and how it turns out 🙂

    Go to google and type in : Peas and Thank You Black Bean and Roasted Corn Nacho Bites with Avocado Crema

    It should come up with that search

  42. I like this video!

  43. Fantastic. 😀

  44. great idea…. hope to get some more … will definitely try this….thx nd bless u

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