Lucknow Vegetarian Food Tour – Malai Paan + Basket Chaat + Makhan Malai

In our journey to discover some of the tastiest food India has to offer we found ourselves lost amongst the heidy aromas of Kebabs and Nawabiyat of Uttar …


  1. Good vedio but Annoying music.

  2. When u visit Andhrapradesh

  3. Kislay Srivastava


  4. New concept… Amazing

  5. Lovely video. Very well edited . I like your way presentation

  6. Online Food Safari

    One place every single food vlogger/blogger misses out in Lucknow food vlog/blog is Sahu Bandhu khaste located in lalkuan . You people need to visit that place its pretty old and its khaste and sabji vada are really good.

  7. Why not Madhya Pradesh?

  8. Very nice food collection I hope that you new new type food verity in your food blog

  9. Surinder Bhutani

    Maximum coverage. Nice way of presentation. It would have been better to give complete address of each establishment to give convenience / easy search to all.

  10. नवाब साहब बहुत अच्छे है ।

  11. Wow great work

  12. Educated n decent Hindu ever I scene , very bad troll I see by many Hindus on maa behn

  13. Chandaneswar Pradhan

    U are great.. liked to see you visiting different places and giving us an idea what are best things to try in different cities

  14. Good for nothing people just roam eat n earn their living can t slog kaamchor people

  15. Lucknow ko agr swad ka shahar b kahe to b sahi hoga

  16. Love your videos and the places you visit.please have some english subtitles so i can understand better.all the best.i love India

  17. Were that gravies spicey or sweet ???

  18. Too good 🙂

  19. 10000× better than bhooka saand

  20. Problem is hygiene

  21. Nice bhai…

  22. Anuj Suryavanshi

    Basket chaat of royal cafe is the most overrated thing. Itni meethi ki sar ghoom jaaye

  23. Eat vd right hand

  24. Good video…but Lucknow is quite expensive….these food items will cost around Rs. 40-50 in other cities and here they are atleast 80 Rs.

  25. Xellent

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