Lucknow Non Vegetarian Food Tour – Kulcha Nahari + Kebab + Biryani + Paan

First Stop- Sharma Tea Stall A great start to the day has to be with a cup of hot tea. At Sharma Tea Stall we got our cuppas with very typical tea snacks- bun …


  1. Muslim ka hath ke roti khaka narak ma be jaga ne milegi shrm kar chutiya

  2. That old guy has some serious knowledge…..

  3. That old guy has some serious knowledge…..

  4. Best food in the world only in Pakistan with no doubt …!!!

  5. mohd andleeb beg

    Anubhav sir great

  6. Mubeen's nihari is far better.

  7. the Himalayan Hammer

    I could be very wrong but is that a little cockroach on the left naan (it moves :O if you watch in slowmo)

  8. Anishma Mahabier

    Really like this video

  9. Dude you missed one gam of Lucknow that is IDRIS KI BIRYANI. Next time when you get time to visit Lucknow please try their Mutton Biryani.

  10. bhai lucknow ka food is mouthwatering lagta hay india jana hi hoga

  11. Lucknow jn or anything else

  12. Sir tell me where to go by train to get all this…Mean which station

  13. Sir I want to meet u sir please tell

  14. Bhaut khub bhaut acha bhuat pasandede ,,,,,100% Good

  15. teri keh k lunga

    Bhai 1.30 a.m kaha jao kidhar khana milenga bhai mast video hai

  16. Your videos are mouth watering

  17. Its gud that you have started speaking in hindi and it suits the way u made ur videos. Keep going.All the best.

  18. NICE VIDEO. But ek din mein itna saara non. Veg. Oh my god…….

  19. I came across this vlog by watching The Food Ranger.
    Lucknow is a must for foodies like us.

  20. Abhishek chandra

    Such stories with food testing around the city , good package though thanks Mr.anubhav sapra.


    Sir food prices clearly bataya kro

  22. Tambako ka pan khaya Anubhav Bhai ne

  23. Bahut umda vedio sahab

  24. nihari n paya same hain na

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