This is the type of food that I will be eating as a Low-Carb vegetarian. Some of this is modelled loosely on the Ketogenic diet. This is not vegan, although some …


  1. I tried eating low carb recently, it made me completely ravenous all the time. I wish it'd worked for me because it seems like the ideal diet for weight loss.

  2. Es ist das erste mal, dass ich von jemandem höre der sich tatsächlich low carb vegetarisch ernährt. Ich befasse mich viel mit Ernährung und vor allem abnehmen, habe aber für mich selbst beschlossen dass mir low carb einfach zu hart ist so als Vegetarierin 😀 Zumal ich fettige Sachen und das meiste proteinreiche viel weniger mag als Kartoffeln und Vollkorn und sich Soja in größeren Mengen nicht mit meinen Eferox Tabletten verträgt (übrigens hasse ich den Beigeschmack von Stevia :/), also zähle ich Kalorien und mach mein Abendessen low carb. Find ich super gut, dass du das machst und hier teilst! Die meisten low carb'ler essen einfach jeden Tag Fleisch. Halt uns bitte auf dem laufenden!

  3. Ah, if only most of these things were affordable or even available in my area haha. One of my struggles with living in Japan and not speaking Japanese all that well is that I find all these GREAT food videos, but the stuff is either not available or is super expensive in my area.

  4. Ich hasse es, dass ich Low Carb nicht sehr gut “vertrage“. Ich nehme mit Low Carb so gut ab, aber fühle mich immer total schlapp, habe Schlafstörungen und bekomme oft Heißhungerattaken. Mein Körper braucht einfach die Kohlenhydrate, weigert sich aber mit gut abzunehmen… ahh..

  5. Bok choy!!!! Yummy!! 🙂 ♡

  6. Thank you for promoting a more animal-friendly diet here on youtube! You should really see the movie "What the Health" – its such an inspirering movie, that promotes health! It seems like you care a lot about health, so I would really recomment that movie! <3

  7. really love your lifestyle videos

  8. Hi Julia, what about chick peas? From what I understand (I watch a lot of Dr. Berg here on Youtube) chick peas and hummus are great for low-carb or keto type diets.

  9. Non-vegetarian people should check this out too. Even those who eat meat can cut down to eating it only every other day. No need to eat meat every day. These idea are really helpful for everyone.

  10. Would honey or agave syrup be high carb sweeteners? Because I use them all the time to sweeten my tea or smoothies

  11. This video is so helpful!
    I'm a vegetarian and though I've tried low carb before, I found it really hard to do. For a while now, I've thought about going low carb again and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to put the energy into researching and figuring out what to eat, so now I have the perfect kick in the butt to start again. No excuses for me anymore =)

  12. When you say low-carb, what's the best percentage of carbs to be in the products and how much should you be eating a day? xx

  13. Martina Ioriatti

    You're very inspirational Julia, and always have been! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, being vegetarian but not eating too many carbs is something I've been wondering about for a long time. I'd be really interested in hearing more about your eating habits and progresses on this path!

  14. Hi Julia, Im a dietitian and liked this video. You are correct, nutrition/diet is individual. I would like to see how you prepare halloumi. I have many times but at restaurants so never made myself. So maybe a video on grilling halloumi

  15. That bread looks delicious! I wish we had it here in the U.S.

  16. Für den Kaffee: Du könntest Sojamilch probieren. Soja ist ja eher Protein als Kohlenhydrate. Auch interessant: Vegane Kaffeeweisser von Vantastic voods, die bestehen fast nur aus Fett.

  17. thank you good pointers

  18. Toll gemacht Julia, hat mir super gefallen! Deine Videos helfen immer wieder zur Motivation 😀 Wie ist die Qualität von Obst und Gemüse bei euch? Hier in Deutschland freue ich mich immer riesig wenn ich Sachen aus Italien/Spanien/Griechenland finde, weil die aus den restlichen Länder irgendwie nach Wasser schmeckt….

  19. LOVE THIS. Would love to see more videos like this. I am insulin resistant and I am supposed to be on a low-carb diet. Every nutritionist I have been sent to tells me I need to eat a lot of meat and eggs…. but that's really hard to do when you really really really hate eating meat. For me personally I think the texture of meat is just disgusting so I avoid eating it as much as possible. I would love to see what kinds of low carb vegetarian meals you come up with 🙂 I feel like that's a topic that's really hard to find information on and I don't see too many people doing a diet like that. So I feel very limited on ideas. Hope to see more food videos on this topic from you!

  20. food diary recipes, please!!

  21. Low carb vegetarian is soooo hard! I've struggled for years!

  22. Michelle Hnilica

    Amazing! In Canada we have quark, and I love it too. I just wish cheese wasn't so expensive here. How about sharing some dip recipes? Looking forward to next fit Friday! Thank you for doing this with us, Julia!

  23. Looks lovely and the rule of thumb you mentioned for low-carb veggies, so clever! Xx

  24. you can try lentils too.. you'll get variety and different taste.. loads of recipes available online

  25. Sounds like a solid plan. I wish you the best of luck! We all have to try different "diets" and see what works for our bodies, based on individual genes. I've noticed for myself, being high carb all the time was wayyy too much fiber for my body. I had terrible diarrhea and gas (tmi sorry) and had to balance with more fat. However, I originally took that too far, subbed more of my carbs out with fat, and felt super lethargic and low energy. Just be carful by how much carb you avoid! Your body's first energy source is glucose from carbs!

  26. Food diary please!!!!!

  27. How do you use the bok choi? Thank you, Julia!❤

  28. Julia. I'be been to Switzerland recently, from your point of view. Why is it everyhing so expensive. I'm a student and I wasn't even able to get a magnet as a souvenir from Genéve :/

  29. I try to eat low carb, but currently eat white meat ahd fish, I really want to try vegetarianism but wondered how low carb would mesh with that, this was a really informative video thanks, I was wondering if you could do some recipe ideas? Thanks again x

  30. Simple snack that I have been loving is chopped up walnuts with sliced strawberries, I usually heat the walnuts on a pan with a small amount of butter and raw brown sugar, but you can obviously eliminate that if it doesn't coincide with your new dietary regime. But it's so delicious! And you can add some mixed greens if you want more volume.

  31. very helpful, thank you so much. doing a very similar "diet", but without the milk (almond or soy instead). would love to see food diaries!! xoxo

  32. thank you for sharing

  33. 400 gr of chicken breast 14 euros? Wow, thats a lot. In Serbia, its around 3 euros. Price of food goes hand in hand with paycheck. Its just insane.

  34. Love your food videos!

  35. Ich habe 12 Kilo verloren mit der Methode! Meine Faustregel ist: möglichst nur Lebensmittel mit 5g KH/100g oder weniger zu essen, ein Lebensmittel mit bis10g geht pro Tag und alles über 10g nur am Cheat day (Den rate ich dir auf jeden Fall! Muss ja nicht mit 4000 kcal und Tonnen an carbs enden aber einmal pro Woche ne Kugel Eis oder ein Brötchen sollten drin sein;-)
    Ich habe alles in meine App geschrieben, rechne Rezepte um und hatte in der Zeit nie Hunger.
    Ich drücke dir auf jeden Fall die Daumen!

  36. Hey Julia, loved your video, can you share your resources and the research you did ? I really would love to know ! This is so helpful.

  37. Maybe I will try the same diet as you =D I'm a slowly transitioning to vegetarian/vegan but I still eat eggs and cheese. I feel really bad on a high carb diet because it makes me hungry all the time so I think what you are trying looks great =) Maybe you didn't remember to buy or you don't like it but you don't have any beans/chickpeas or lentils/quinoa or are these considered high on carbs? I just don't know??! I'm not trying to make you eat anything you don't want to, just reminding/searching information about diets =) I think this diet is a great one and I lost more than 15kg on it. I did put 5kg on and that is why I need to get back to it because it's easy to maintain and I feel full on it which is always my goal =D

  38. I am trying to do this without the dairy. I might have to be more pescatarian to get the protein.

  39. I live in Germany and at DM i saw some really interesting things for smothies, a powder with good green vegetables in it. And also they have diferent low carb flowers now, from rice, greenpeas, coconut..etc.
     It looks a really good plan, but how do you keep it when you go for dinner or have to eat out everyday?

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