Low-Calorie Meal Prep Your Day

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  1. In place of oil can I use Pam?

  2. *Anorexia has left the chat*

  3. Everything is low calorie if it’s tiny

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  5. can you please do more vegetarian options that aren't super expensive?

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  8. When being healthy, you have to rely on tastes not salt, sugar and fat

  9. Just so y’all know- fat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar does. Sugar rots your, makes you break out, fucks up your blood, gives your rashes, stomach problems, etc. fat is…just kinda there. Not too harmful. Neither is carbs or calories.

    Humans have eaten carbs and fat since the dawn of time and all is good. Sugar? Not so much (at least not the factory made white sugar.)

  10. Just looking at the number of calories makes me sick. Those have way too much calories. Anything that has more than 100 calories is too much.

  11. i have the chicken………… ;-;

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  13. I only have milk and salt

  14. These are great recipes if you just take off a majority of the oil that they’re adding.

  15. my anorexic ass really clicked on this video expecting everything to be 50 cals

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  17. “Low-Cal”+”Made by America”=High Cal

  18. So much meat! Who has the money and what planet has the resources for that anymore :/

  19. What's this tune in the back ground?

  20. Just not eating desserts and drinking water only should keep you pretty fit

  21. Floating Piglets

    This is making me cringe these aren’t low calorie at all

    squirms I’m eating disorder

  22. anything above 100cal per serving is high calorie to me

  23. I feel like a disgusting cow while drinking 200 ml of low fat milk with coffe which is like 170 calories if I'm not wrong. tHIS IS TOO MUCH NOPE NOPE.

  24. So unnecessary that much oil for a low calorie meal

  25. laughs in anorexia

  26. Studies have shown that refrigerating cooked vegetables could be of negative effect to your general health, because cooked vegetables can release certain types of carcinogen after days of refrigeration. Therefore I’m not exactly sure about 1:23

  27. Low calories????
    Almost all of them are over 100 cals

    I’m going to just make the egg white breakfast cup and maybe the protein smoothie.
    Other than that
    ‘Low calorie’ + all that oil isn’t how u do it sis.

  28. Engery???????wtf

  29. aveary che films

    tasty… i’m vegan

  30. cries in vegetarian & eating disorder

  31. Useless Channel Name

    *cries in anorexia*

  32. Stephanie Joobern

    112 calorie drink
    "Low calorie"

  33. no one needs that much meat tho

  34. just mixing random things together
    omg it’s a random things salad

  35. hAvE yOu PrAyeD tOnighT dESdeMonA ?

    screams in eating disorder

  36. You should eat olive oil but not heated ..put it in the salad only or on labneh

  37. gains 10 pounds

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