Low-Calorie Lunch Ideas for a Working Vegetarian : Healthy Meal Ideas

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  2. how many calories in this ????????????????????

  3. hello 🙂 are you Greek?

  4. Vegetarian diets don't lack protein. & protein isn't the most important nutritional factor in our diets…

  5. How many calories in this?

  6. hey, i like your videos, could you please also mention the ingredients in the about section. I am not a native English speaker so i dont know all the vegetables in English. I would greatly appreciate if you can help me with this

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  9. add cumin, chile seasoning, cayenne pepper, coriander, black pepper and a tiny pinch of cinnamon… although i would add peppers and celery to saute with the other vegetables
    …or use curry spices and make it have an indian flavor.

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