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  1. i love becky crocker products, they are cheap and good quality most of the time 😀

  2. i got a coconut oil spay at the maxi( market close to my home) and its just perfect!

  3. Hobbit In Disguise

    Bol – i – nayse lmao

  4. Love it!! I’m trying these all out!

  5. I have made this lentil tomato sauce so many times and use it on spaghetti squash and for a pizza base. It is such an easy recipe and everyone loves it!! Thank you so much!!

  6. I'm pescetarain

  7. Willing And Disabled

    Definitely need all of these!

  8. bol-og-naise (like mayonnaise but “bolog” instead of “mayo”)

  9. You don't have to cook the lentils?

    Edit: I meant SOAK the lentils

  10. I'm 70% Vegetarian and 30% Vegan
    Slowly getting to 50% Vegan.

  11. where does the marinara sauce come from for the lentil recipe? I never eat anything out of cans or or jars or premade from the supermarket. Is there a recipe for the sauce or is it processed? Thanks

  12. Broccoli…kale flowers

  13. you say bolongnese like bow-lawn-yes-say !!!!

  14. the kale salad was amazing I replaced the peanut butter with almond butter

  15. I'm english, and when I hear americans doing an english accent it's usually really cringy and bad, so I was like 'oh god, here we go..' and then your accent was really good XD

  16. That's too many lentils! 😛
    Seriously though check out authentic Indian food (not the orange gravy that pretends to be Indian). There are so many amazing vegan dishes there!

  17. Fantastic! Just love these!

  18. Very good Lentil Bolognese!

  19. Why when u chopped the onion and garlic in the machine, my eye started watering lol

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