LOSE WEIGHT on the Raw Vegan Diet

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  1. My sister laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed these people incredible effects right after I used it they're begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won't tell them the detail about this diet plan, hahaha

  2. Listening to you talk so enjoyable, it's as if you have a constant and ongoing struggle finding a comfortable amount of air to hold in your lungs while speaking.

    Also, your videos and recipes are solid and I hope you do a bunch more of them.

  3. Who would dislike such a wonderful video

  4. celebrationhappylife

    My darling. I want to take up your raw challenge, just tell me how many calories am I suppose to eat during those 14 days? Anyone knows?? Pleaaase tell me I'm so confused

  5. celebrationhappylife

    My darling. I want to take up your raw challenge, just tell me how many calories am I suppose to eat during those 14 days? Anyone knows?? Pleaaase tell me I'm so confused

  6. Does subscribing to your webpage cost anything?

  7. 8 lbs of bodyfat or 8 lbs of bodyweight?

  8. You look like fully raw Kristina

  9. I'm a gluten free vegan. ..just subscribed 🙂
    I am starting my 14 days today, I am very sad to let coffee go though lol

  10. fruity kisses? way to make sure vegan diets are uncool, A÷

  11. Who wonder how I lost 40 pounds, see here +Emilie Kesinger

  12. Any one tested out the Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google)? We've noticed many amazing things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  13. would you be intrested in a raw food vegan boyfriend ?

  14. You are adorable! :)

  15. could you PLEASE tell me the amount of calories for each day or the average of the two weeks (: ?

  16. Thanks rawvana 

  17. Where are the daily plans do they just come to your email?? Cause I'm not getting any 🙁 

  18. Your videos keep me motivated <3

  19. 4:20 Rawvana smokes weed!

  20. so if you become a raw vegan you don't have to worry about calories. How come in the what i eat in a day video you said that you have to balance the amount of calories you eat with how much exercise you do. Do you think you could eat as much as free lee and not gain weight? please please answer also great video!

  21. Zavrno si ljude sa 5 0000 evra!

  22. Hey rawvana, love ur vids but sad to disagree with ur comment, nature is perfect yes, but i have picked up weight now, because it is possible to over eat in anyyything. Fruits and veggies too. I wanted to Lose weight. And i should have known to not eat as much as i like. Just want to say to ppl out there-to watch out too many fruits and veggies can make u gain fat.

  23. This girl is a dream boat

  24. I was wondering if you could please help me i am going to hawaii exactly a month from now and i want to loose weight i am already vegan but i want to do this plan you are talking about where can i find it? I would love something i could strictly follow 🙂 thanks! Can't wait for you to respond. 

  25. ur trying to copy FullyRawKristina …but ur not succeding…

  26. You look so beautiful and your videos are really awesome and helpful! 🙂 Thank you. You inspire me.
    Just one quick question;
    I really wanna go raw vegan, but it just seem so expencive. Do you have any tips on that? We don't have any farmers markets that I know of either (I live in Norway), so I don't know :/

  27. por que no hablas en español???

  28. Love this!!

  29. She made a kiwi strawberry coconut parsley messehkin flag!

  30. This comment is not designed to cause hate or anything negative with that being said: WHY is Rawvana English seemingly copying FULLY RAW KRISTINA? To me in my humble opinion she is a carbon copy of FULLY RAW KRISTINA. Kristina's channel is a billion zillion times better but she is copying her style down to the last detail.

  31. Hi Rawvana! First, I would just like to say… THANK YOU! You inspire me on eating healthy 🙂 Your just so amazing Anyway, I would just like to ask what food should I eat to flush bad fat off my body? 

  32. Yum

  33. +Rawvana English Do fresh dates (not dried) make you gain weight? 

  34. That's really how I feel right now, the more I eat fruit the more I'm attracted to healthy and vibrant food and keep away from junked food 🙂 Thank you it's so encouraging !! 

  35. Love this, you rock Rawvana!

  36. Great video Rawvana!

  37. 🙂   Obrigada VOCÊ!!!  (Thank YOU!!!)      :)

  38. I just love your viideos.. So inspiring!!

  39. You say you lost weight and reached your prime weight after 14 days. But most of that is water weight. The body doesn't lose fat stores after just two weeks when you are dining on fruit and veggies. It's a long process

  40. I said yes 🙂 I'm getting back in town today and will stock up for the rest of the week.

  41. When I first went Raw I lost 30 lbs. NOT just because the Raw began lifestyle, but also because I was climbing four flights of stairs four to five time a day, walking from class to class, and certainly wasn't eating as much as I should have. Now, I'm back to a normal weight (I'm not sure what it is, because I don't believe in weighing myself). I look and feel healthy! Thats whats important. Although I felt amazing when I weighed very little, mainly because of the clean foods I was putting into my body, I looked ill. I was so thin people thought I had a problem (even though they saw me eating pounds of food everyday). 
    What's important is to eat enough fruits and veggies. Calculate it!! Eat until your full, and don't do intense workouts at first.. its too dangerous. 


  42. I love your videos you are so motivating. I know this question has nothing to do with the challenge but how do I get my one and a half year old to eat greens when she hates avacado, so I can't mash it with greens. 

  43. Hi Yovana! Thank you very much for doing this for us! I have a question: the mails I get and the infos on your blog are all in spanish. I understand a bit of spanish, but still it would be easier to get the information in english. Is that possible? Abrazo y lets do this! Isabel

  44. Totally eyeing that pineapple in the back! <3 

  45. Thank you so much I hope this will help me on my acid reflux or gerd.

  46. I am 450lbs and I started eating the raw diet on December 7th of this year. I am doing 99% juicing and 1% raw carrots/apples/bananas. It's now January 17th and I've lost 65lbs and totally satisfied. Anyone who truly wants to lose weight but is discouraged by previous diets give this a try…it will truly change your life!! 

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