Loaded Vegetarian Nachos

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  1. someoneintheshadow45

    Everyone will fight over the guacamole like that. Have a separate dipping bowl

  2. Those nachos look dry

  3. With no beans.

  4. I'm Craving this like a pregnant Chick! wants Pickled ICE CREAM

  5. Pooja Bhattacharjee

    Would had been perfect with a slash of salsa on the side!

  6. that bell pepper and overall vegetables makes me hungry+

  7. Brittany_ bxtch


  8. Shubhra Mallick

    Tip : Use Doritos

  9. Where's the cheese at???

  10. Hannah DiSalvatore

    Not nearly enough cheese.

  11. 35 min just to cook the lentils for nacho's…

  12. Wow. I can't wait to make these. And add fucking ground beef

  13. Rachel Dobbins

    Vegetarian nachoes = regular nachoes without meat.

  14. BuT Is iT BOnEleSs?

  15. An ice cream scoop for the guacamole!! :O i hadn't thought of doing that, it sure does look fancy that way u///u

  16. r a n d o m n e s s

    SO gonna make this!! Been looking for clever recipes to make junk food a little
    healthier lately, and that's just what I needed! :3 Thanks once again, Tasty!

  17. I am hungry as hell

  18. Nachos and cheese make everything better

  19. this is too much vegan for me………

  20. Hmm.. flavorful …

  21. I'm not vegan but that looks good

  22. Why didn't the guy say "oh yes!" ???

  23. Really really thank you for showing vegetarian dishes!!

  24. healthier than just using cheese and jalapeño .. good recipe

  25. badloafofbread

    Please make more vegetarian recipes

  26. David M Rodriguez

    Dude the amount of cheese she put on those nachos are making me sick to my stomach right now. I want to kill her

  27. I have no idea why people aren't generous with the cheese or the sause

  28. Lentils on nachos. Look, I enjoy the soup, but I had to dislike right there, are you retards serious? lol

  29. That looks so good.

  30. Ew lentils . Beans only plz for me

  31. Reads Vegetarian nachos HAS SCIENCE GONE TO FAR?!?!?!?!

  32. #0:43 those are too many chips

  33. Princess Diana

    Thumbs up

  34. Buzzfeed, you're doing your viewers a disservice by buying into these silly and unhealthy food fads. Most vegetarians and vegans are deficient in protein, essential amino acids, and vitamin B12, and they're putting their health at risk. You're hurting your audience by supporting these unhealthy and dangerous fads.

  35. Linette Arroyo

    Loving all the vegetarian options!

  36. There are more flavors in the world other than meat

  37. lentils with tortilla chips? fuck outta here buzzfeed you cringe asf

  38. Fuck cilantro. It’s not even called cilantro. Fucking imposter. It’s coriander.

  39. Made a huge tray of nachos and then put that micro scoop of guac

  40. these gay vegan snowflakes

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