HEY FRUIT BATS! I have a different kind of VLOOT for you all today! I am bringing you guys my first ever grocery shop & haul! A LOT of you guys have been …


  1. really liked this type of video!

  2. Sylvia Giovanna Teran

    I loved this video! It was so interesting! and the envy I have is real rn cause I live in Canada and a 'regular' grocery run with no dietary restrictions would run around the same or more for less than that (about a week's worth) so I really wished we had sprouts over here 🙂 a word to the wise on the Greek yogurt is to start with the flavored ones and work your way to the original flavour if you do eventually want to get there.. It's an acquired taste for sure but I have turned my whole family to it and it's really good to pair with granola or in fruit salads or overnight oats if you hit it (the og flavour) with just a drop of honey. I've never tried soyrizo but my favourite way to eat chorizo is to cut it up small and mix it with some scrambled egg and have breakfast tacos topped with pico 😀 x.

  3. Brandon Marshall

    people ask me all the time "how do you do it?!" im like.. there are so many options for vegetarians lmao its really not that hard. i liked this video :~) i wish we had sprouts around me. maybe we do IDK i need to look haha

  4. Great vlog. Im making those egg rolls this weekend fer sure!

  5. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Please please please keep continuing these grocery hauls and cooking shows and whatnot. I am trying to start eating better and going to the gym and these videos make me feel inspired to eat better. Thank you and keep being awesome!

  7. That damn bread was making my mouth water lol I could live off carbs

  8. If you like asparagus bake it with a little evoo and feta on top at 350 for 20 min.

  9. Try Tuscan bean soup with kale and soyrizo

  10. I loved this, I've been enjoying hearing about your meals in your blogs because they always sound interesting. I would love to see a meal plan/meals of the week type video but I know you're so busy xxxx

  11. I'd love to hear how you feel after switching to this new way of eating!

  12. Hey girl! Check out my Yum board! https://www.pinterest.com/Wanderlust1761/

  13. Laina Pilkenton

    Victoria, I would love to see a video haul like this every time you grocery shop. I am very interested in adopting a plant based diet but don't really know where to start. Obviously some of it is trial and error because everyone is different and has different tastes, but it's helpful to see what brands others like so I'm not wasting so much money trying to find good ones. Thank you!!

  14. curiositykilledthec8

    I eat vegetarian about 98% of the time, but sometimes I cave & eat chicken/turkey. I think it's mostly bc I can't get behind faux chicken, it just freaks me out. Love Beyond Beef crumbles – great for lasagnas and Mexican dishes! Also Trader Joe's has cheap frozen riced cauliflower

  15. Hi Victoria, I've been watching your videos for years now but I've never commented before because I haven't have the confidence to reach out on social media in a long time so here it goes! I've been battling weight issues since I was a kid and one of the reasons I have always watched your videos is because I relate to you the most out of anyone else I watch on Youtube. You keeps things real and always do it with style and you've inspired me to start loving me for me again and I thank you for that so much. Sorry for the long ass comment but I just wanted to tell you I loved this video and to please do an in depth video explaining what you eat and how you feel these lifestyle changes have impacted your life! I'm really interested in your way of shopping and the protein you eat and all that good stuff. Thanks so much for always being you because it has helped me stay on track with just being me. Much love from Chicago!!

  16. They have a huge bag of cauliflower rice at costco for I thnk 5 or 6

  17. I recently made my broccoli and cheese casserole with the Daiya Cheese because you were talking about it and both my hubby and I thought it was the BEST it has ever tasted so Thank You!!! Also, Have you tried beyond burgers because they are Amazing!!! 🙂

  18. When she flipped off the cauliflower and then patted it. LMAO!!

  19. Hey Victoria, great video. I'm not lactose intolerant but my fiancé is so I'm always trying to learn about new things that he can eat without upsetting his stomach. Do you have any suggestions for good dairy free or lactose free cheese for baking or cooking with?

  20. Queen Of The Yaks

    Protip for ya, if your bread molds before you can eat it, freeze half when you buy it and it won't!

  21. the gardein mandarin orange chicken is actually really good ! i've been vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for 6 months now and they don't make me gag like some other "chickens" do

  22. Hah at "vag out" sale…how would that work? How much would the discount have to be for me to bring the vag out!?

  23. Love this style of vlog! tbh I'm always nosy to see what other people get while grocery shopping

  24. Victoria, Soyrizo is great w/ the vegan egg and onion cooked in a skillet. then you can wrap in a tortilla (or wrap of choice) or eat in a corn taco shell. I love the Daiya mac n cheese which I mixed w/ broccoli to stretch it. From one box I can get at least 3 hearty helpings w/ the mix-in veggies.

  25. Sprouts is just now coming to Tampa Bay area. I went to one in Alabama and enjoyed the selection. I like to see you doing daily life type things and listen to what you say. Its like spending the afternoon with you. Thanks!

  26. The way I use chorizo is by mixing them with pinto refried beans with some cheese! so good!

  27. GIRL I need to know where your phone case is from!!!

  28. This makes me want to go grocery shopping!

  29. I think that was great for 80 bucks, good for you .

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