Lemon-Garlic Spiralized Broccoli with Parmesan I Gluten-Free +Vegetarian Spiralizer Recipe

Welcome to our cooking series, “Everyday Inspiralized” with Ali Maffucci, the founder of Inspiralized®. Ali will be cooking some of her favorite spiralized meals …


  1. I just ordered the real Inspiralizer last night; I was one of the people who bought the Paderna -thinking it was the same thing.
    I am thankful for all of your recipes on YouTube!
    I am halfway through my Whole30 and I look forward to making your recipes.

  2. this recipe looks good, but the portion size looks small when it was plated…

  3. beautifulbutterfly02

    My partner is on a new diet due to him having digestive issues. He is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or the SCD diet. I noticed that a lot of your recipes are SCD friendly as well. He has been dealing with diverticulitis and chronic constipation. He also recently found out that he is sensitive to gluten. We have tried gluten free pasta made from corn, potato flour, and rice flour. Unfortunately, he has had a difficult time eating these ingredients, due to slower digestion because those noodles don't have much fiber or nutrition. We stumbled upon one of your videos and found out about the world of spiralizing!!! It is perfect to use the vegetables as noodles so he can eat these healthy foods with great benefits of the nutrition and fiber. Unlike the gluten free pasta that does not have much nutrition at all. I love that this is so easy and something we can have everyday! I look forward to spiralizing! It is so fun! Thank you very much for these recipes!

  4. can I steam the broccoli spirals & broccoli heads than stirfry them?

  5. Omg this straight up blew my mind. It didn't even occur to me that I could spiralize the broccoli. Broccoli is one of my fav things in the world and I will be making this often. Ty for posting!

  6. Great recipe – could satisfy meat eaters by replacing beans with precooked chicken. I can't wait to try spirializing broccoli.

  7. Another beautiful recipe to try!

  8. Rosemarie Hinostroza

    It's a great presentation and it looks delicious… thanks !!!

  9. mmm looks yummy, thanx for sharing

  10. Cynthia Kritikos

    Well looks great but I wouldn't ever use a nonstick skillet or saute in olive oil.

  11. María-José León-Villanueva

    Wow. I just bought my spiralizer, and i found your channel. I can't wait to try spiralizing broccoli.

  12. Such a good idea to use those broccoli stems! Why have I been wasting mine for so long?

  13. Amber's mom Guillet

    How many people can you serve with one broccoli tho ? one ?

  14. where do I get those salt and pepper shakers??

  15. Great presentation
    will try this dish as at looks so fresh and healthy
    many thanx

  16. I made this dish the other night and we loved it! I didn't have white beans and instead used kidney beans. Since we do not like parmesan cheese we used asiago cheese instead. Such a delicious and versatile dish!

  17. Simply beautiful! Very creative! Thanks for the video.

  18. this looks easy and delicious – I can't wait to try it!

  19. omg just made this recipe, perfect amount of oil, love the taste, perfect instructions, going to buy all your books.  Your recipes are the best.

  20. Looks like a great recipe. Also, a creative way to use broccoli.

  21. Holy shit the beginning of this video turned me on hearing her talking about broccoli stems. Lol

  22. Melody Johansson

    Way too much oil..

  23. I never thought to use broccoli stems! I'm sure they do a much better job than zucchini with certain sauces.

  24. Big hit with the family!! Thanks.

  25. i seriously LOVE your channel and your Instagram! Please keep writing cookbooks and putting this incredible resource out there!

  26. It's brilliant! But there's another proper way of cutting the florets.

  27. I Like Loose Leaf

    Just bought "Inspiralize Everything" and I'm so excited to start!

  28. Apostolic Ashley

    I am so happy I just found this Youtube Channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Wonderful! I can't wait to try this recipe.

  30. What brand is the spiralizer you are using?

  31. parmesan is not vegetarian

  32. Just bought a spiralizer today and happen to find you while looking for ideas.
    This dish is just up my alley. Im vegan so my own spin on parm will be great.
    Thanks! Ill be tuning in to get more ideas.

  33. This looks awesome and tasty! I didn't know you could spiralize broccoli but I am definitely going to try.

  34. ok, i am buying an inspiralizer today

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