Lazy "No Time to Meal Prep" Vegan Meal Prep in One Hour (REALISTIC)

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  1. Yes lady, I know what you mean :'D

  2. I know plastic meal prep containers are cheap and light, but you should maybe consider glass containers. Even food grade plastics can add unwanted chemicals into your wonderful meals.

  3. im really not gonna every become a vegan if this is the lazy version

  4. I love all your food preps! Thanks for such amazing tips!

  5. My favorite hack to have cleaner and better looking mushrooms. Remove the stem, in the inner part of the mushroom ,grab a corner and peel back all the way to the top of the mushroom and repeat until you have peeled the whole mushroom!

  6. I make broccoli rice with the stalks!

  7. Hope you’re reusing your containers.. it

  8. i love u lol. thank u for making being vegan easy

  9. There are two different kinds of fiber in broccoli. The stems and crowns have different kinds. I take my broccoli stems and cut them into small pieces and toss them with rice.

  10. Im Korean. I like rice, seaweed and sesame oil.

  11. Hope you're reusing your containers..
    It so much of plastic trash.. They are all disposables.

  12. How easy is it heat these meals? BTW it all looks delish. X

  13. I hate wasting food too. When ever I have veggie scraps or even some that start to get wilted and know I wont be able to use it in time I love to put them in a containeer and throw it in the freezer. Once I have a full container I make a veggie broth out of it.

  14. Its not lazy its smart and efficient. Love these videos

  15. Better than Gordon Ramsay i would say……..

  16. Broccoli is man made its not a real vegetable same thing with cauliflower its made of carbon. Do your research. Im not trying to sound snooty just trying to help. Just be careful

  17. Where do you buy this smoked tofu?

  18. I thought rice cannot be kept for long without making you ill? Have I believed a lie or is this dangerous?

  19. Broccoli stems taste like cat food. Gross?!!!!

  20. What do you mean by "realistic?"

    Are you saying those other vegan videos are fake and you being lazy to make you look quirky??

  21. Does anyone know how many calories are in every meal?

  22. I can’t find smoked tofu anywhere and having to order is kind of an inconvenience. Is there a substitute for that? I’m still not sure how to work with tofu yet

  23. the steam has a dense of vitamins and minerals.

  24. Lazy

  25. Cool

  26. soooo what do you eat on fridays? lolol but this video is amazing and inspired me to actually try big batch meal prep, thank you!

  27. How long can you store these meals in the fridge? Or do you freeze them?

  28. My kitchen is the size of a closet so cooking is cramped no counter space at all but I need to try meal prep because I don't ever have time to cook a meal.

  29. 2:57 I automatically said "shot" instead of stem. This is what Hamilton has done to me.

  30. Pro tip….u can soak your produce in your sink. Fill er up put your fruits and veggies in and drop some white vinegar in there. The vinegar is a natural way to clean thoroughly. I personally can't just run water over my stuff.

  31. Hi! I am a vegan begginer and love your videos 🙂 I have two questions tho, if you don't mind answering them: do you know if these meals have all the vitamins and nutrients that a person needs in a week? And second one, if I cook these all in 1 day, do the meals last for all week? Thank you❤❤

  32. I'm so glad I found your channel. I just started my own and you're inspiration to me.

  33. Late to the party but this vid is brilliant, thank you, looks super delicious.

  34. I love you

  35. bruh one hour of meal prep is not a lazy meal prep. i don’t have an hour

  36. When you do these I think it would be great to add a “grocery list” in the description box

  37. Lol you are so cool great ideas for me since I don't even like to cook. Thanks!

  38. Little Nik Knacks

    I can’t find that smoked tofu! Is there a specific store you buy it from? I checked ingles, Walmart, and target no luck

  39. If you don't like to eat the brocolli stem, chop it up and put it in the freezer to save to make vegetable stock.

  40. Veganism kills

  41. Love your hair

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