Lazy 15-Minute Vegan Meals | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today we are sharing with you 3 easy vegan meals that are perfect for a lazy day. All are ready in about 15 minutes! – OPEN FOR MORE + THE RECIPES …


  1. Natalie Keatley


  2. irishgirl81498

    New kitchen looks amazing!

  3. Allie Capriotti

    where did y'all get those bowls from? they're really nice and i'm looking for some 4:56

  4. Sharon J. Smith

    OMG all three recipes sound so good! I'm very happy I watched this video! Thank you for stove top granola idea especially!

  5. I made the sandwich today and it was great


  7. Wow I’m hungry now

  8. Razzle Dazzle Vegan

    Using hummus as the pasta sauce is genious! I have to try it 🙂

  9. Joleen & Angel G

    So off topic but where is that bowl from? The one you used for the pasta.

  10. YUM! Hummus pasta is such a great idea! If I were trying to be really lazy, all I’d eat is cereal, roasted kabocha, and salad with nutritional yeast!

  11. Looks good! Do you serve the hummus pasta cold or warm?

  12. The Discount Vegan

    Dude! You are absolutely right. That sandwich looks A-MAZING!!

  13. That mushroom sandwich looks bomb!!

  14. Nancy McCutcheon

    Hummus + pasta or rice = super delicious, super satisfying, super easy! One of my lazy day or 12 hour shift work day go to's. That oyster mushroom Sammy is just mouthwatering!

  15. please make breakfast, lunch and dinner with one or more similar ingredients for a budget. That could help us use up something and not waste so much.

  16. Jasmine: tell Chris to look at you when you’re talking during the videos he looks rlly creepy just looking at the camera lol

  17. Allison Anne O’Neil

    Can’t wait to make that granola!! So easy!

  18. Misty Thompson

    I havent been able to find those mushrooms

  19. MaintainingMichele


  20. Jennifer Spahn

    Also my pea salad is my fave right now in the summer… just thawed green peas, chives, cherry tomatoes, veganaise and tons of spices

  21. V. Timea Noemi

    OMG! These look so tasty, especially the sandwich, I cannot wait to try it. Have a blessed day!

  22. Madalina Zbranca

    Everything looks really yummy! And that pasta is really delicious with hummus or other bean dips too. I like to add green peas and a bit of sweet corn to it also.

  23. Yummmm these all look amazing especially the hummus pasta! We cant do tomato sauce so this is awesome. ❤

  24. Kimberly Britt

    Yes thank you for this video!!! I’m a lazy foodie and these all look so delicious.

  25. Evolution of Masha

    OMGAHHHH….that mushroom sandwich. WTF! Salivating. I need to get some oyster mushies asap!

  26. Emilia Nordenswan

    So lovely video once again! It so nice to see that people create more and more vegan recipes all the time and anyone can't say anymore that being vegan is boring! xx

  27. Vegans are sick filthy people .

  28. Where do you get those awesome bowls


    This is not lazy ( I think) but could you create a “wing” recipe. I want my husband to try a vegan alternative to chicken wings. Hope you take this into consideration. Thanks!

  30. YUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuum! Perrrfect for Summer, its 100 degrees here 😀

  31. Angela Bordack

    I say this all the time but I love your recipes!!!! Getting my shirt now!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. The thumbnail looks amazing!

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