KFC Veg Strips – Crunchy Vegetable Snack Nuggets Recipe Cafe Style CookingShooking

Today let’s together make KFC Style Crunchy Veg Strips Recipe, this is a veggie loaded crunchy cutlet style long nuggets. Homemade is the best, let’s make it!


  1. Bro once try non veg .you will forget veg

  2. Please make something healthy and tasty yaman

  3. Hi Yaman, how are you. I love watching your videos. You talk very well. But when are you getting your mom in your video. I saw her only once. You have blessings of your mom. God bless you always.

  4. Rudra narayan Mishra

    Very fantastic recipe can we add cheese

  5. Hello Bro Again one question can we freez morthen one montg befor the fey and wecan use when ever we want to eat or we can not freez

  6. U r best chef I hv ever seen

  7. Excellent. .. I loved the recipe

  8. Can we have a nonveg version of this please???

  9. Wowwww i wish i could eat them while u making it.looks sooo yummmy

  10. Please in hindi

  11. Ritu Shrivastava

    Can we prepare these at night and keep them in the Refrigerator and then cook them in the morning?

  12. Hindi me nahi hai kya

  13. Please upload videos in hindi pleasee

  14. This looks exactly like the KFC ones!! Soo yummm!!

  15. Hindi me batao bhaiya plece

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