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This keto vegetable pancakes is a completely vegetarian recipe. No egg no meat, and loads of vegetables. I think it is lovely because I prefer these vegetable …


  1. Very tasty .. I tried… Tq for the recipe

  2. Hey sonal, great dishes. Kudos. Pls let me know where and which brands of erithrytol and stevia do you buy in india. Please let me know

  3. I just found your channel and love the vegetarian keto recipes. The "bread" part of this recipe looks like it might be a good base for uttapam, which I don't see on your channel. Could you make an uttapam recipe for us please? Namaste! 🙂

  4. Hi Sonal! I am so excited I found your channel and recipe an hour ago! I just made this coconut veggie pancake and it turned out AWESOME!! It’s faster and easier than even the length of the video, so I hope others will try it. I added a lot of chopped micro greens, chopped spring onion greens, chopped mushrooms, grated cheddar cheese, a pinch red chilli powder instead of the pickle..and they turned out suuuuperb. I served it with green coriander chutney and yummm!
    Thank you! Can’t wait to try more keto recipes from you. Can you suggest keto recipes with buckwheat flour, amaranth flour etc?

  5. sunita rajadhyaksha

    Nice. Thanks for the vedeo. A bit of paneer into this may work well

  6. Another great recipe sonal love it as always . Looks like chapli kabab yum yum yum ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love mango chutney and was wondering if you have a keto friendly mango chutney recipe.

  8. Wow! I will try this

  9. Is Xanthan Gum necessary? Looks good..

  10. wonderful thank you

  11. Will try this out. Is Xanthum gum ok ?

  12. I came here with a full stomach and left with a hungry one

  13. Looks tasty… Do you have a link to that fry plate you are using.

  14. Super smart recipe Sonal! Please keep recipes like this coming. We need ways to get more vegetables into our meals 🙂

  15. Oh, my goodness! You are a genius! I've been looking at how I get more veggies into my diet, and bam! Here it is. Thank you!!

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