Kerala Biryani Recipe | Vegetarian Maincourse Recipe | Masala Trails With Smita Deo

Learn how to make Kerala Biryani at home with chef Smita Deo only on Rajshri Food. Chef Smita shares her fond memory of having the special Veg Kerala …


  1. Hi I love Indian food but I never seem to find the spices to cook Indian food I'm american Mexican and i used to work in an Indian restaurant and I learn how to cook Indian food but I never find the spices to cook it

  2. You haven't had the real biriyani yet…..If you have to taste biriyani, you should taste the KANNUR Biriyani….

  3. ………….good ..
    Veg Briyani in Kerala is a rarity………….

  4. Looks yumiee

  5. wow you did such a mouthwatering recipe. I will definitely try this. thank you so much

  6. Fuckable

  7. hi smitaji..i made kerela biryani for my diwali potluck and all my guests appreciated so much…but guess what..i forgot to add tomato puree and nobody noticed anything missing n still it tasted so good

  8. Delicious!

  9. Thalserry biryani…

  10. Hi Mdm Smita , mouth watering taste ,super tasty vege buriyani ,I m going to try  this out . thanks for the  video .

  11. wow this is so cool…oh halo she said kerala because of coconut milk..she mentioned dear…anyways i found it interesting and going to do this for my husband bday

  12. Good,will try it, for two ppl too much work !

  13. Hi that looks delicious, if you don't mind me asking can I know what long grain rice you use???

  14. I made this twice already! very delicious!

  15. thanks fr sharing looks delicious

  16. Very nice …. I am going to make for my wife ….! thank you so very much for sharing the same.

  17. nice one

  18. looking yummy going to try soon can't wait, just mouth watering

  19. very nice flavour coming to me

  20. Thanks a lot ma'am .the biriyani tasted amazing and the biriyani was over in a matter of seconds!!!

  21. will try

  22. veg kerla biryani was amazing

  23. can I make this biryani in pressure cooker?!

  24. It's not a good idea to watch this while you are hungry at work. LOL I am making it for dinner tonight.

  25. such a pleasing personality.Will definitely try out the yummy recepie

  26. xcllnt recipe…. will try this soon….

  27. I love your cooking channel! THANK you for all of the great recipes and ideas!

  28. Beautiful recipe!!

  29. I made this today and it was delicious. Yummmm. Thank you for the recipe.

  30. awesome biryani, so simple and yet unique, thanks

  31. Biryani zarur try karungi.. Smita as usual u look marvellous..keep it up!

  32. Subbalakshmi Jayaraman

    A Really Mouth Watering Biryani.. <3

  33. u are very cute

  34. I'm really glad that you like Kerala food and get them here to share with Malayalees like us ..really love watching your videos !

  35. that looks AMAZING!! ugh

  36. Your looks don't tell you are vegetarians……..
    According to my opinion meat is also essential for your body……

  37. very nice ..going to try out..

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