Kale Subzi – Indian Vegetarian Recipe

Detailed Recipe: http://showmethecurry.com/subzis-vegetables/kale-subzi-indian-style-vegetarian-recipe.html Check out the ShowMeTheCurry Channel: …


  1. Totton Heffelfinger

    Great recipe. I didn't have hing or amchoor but I did use a little fresh ginger and then popped a few mustard seeds with the cumin seeds. The besan flour, oil spice mixture? Pure genius.

  2. I love kale! I eat it 3-5 times a week haha. I just uploaded my own kale video on how to make TENDER kale! Come check it out, I think you guys would like it 🙂

  3. Thank you for this version of doing Kale. It's great to use all of it, rather than throw away the stems.

  4. Nice and simple vegan dish, going to try, thanks.

  5. telling half a thee spoon of this, quarter thee spoon of that …….you are using more a thee spoon……….. explane

  6. Ladies I love all your recipes! In this one I've a question, do you think that I could substitute for corn flour or regular flour?

  7. Innuendo Hazbarz

    love it…looks exquisite.

  8. You guyz are awesome

  9. I don't know how come people thumbs down videos even without trying themselves. I tried this recipe and it came up awesome! Thanks for sharing this video. Now I can include Kale – the superfood in my cooking 🙂

  10. I think I'm going to make kale cos I have some from my garden this dish looks good thank you

  11. Another recipe I cannot wait to try!

  12. I've used Kale for years and years – love it! And yes – I also use the stalks!
    But – thank you for this recipe, as there are not many leafy green Indian recipes besides Saag. I did find one using bok choy or mixed greens that was also interesting. Thanks again!

  13. Deviprasad Pothireddi

    Thanks for wonder information, it is very userful in my cookings

  14. Awesome! Perfect way to indianize the kale. I've liked the similar recipe with broccoli. I ll give this a try.

  15. My besan had a raw taste to it, would it be better to dry roast the besan masala mix before adding to the pan?

  16. I haven't tested this veg. should try some time. Just a thought! replace besan with crushed Roasted peanut. will give it a crunch too.

  17. Madhav Chandarana

    This seems great! 🙂
    I made moothiya (Gujarati dish) with kale & left over khichadi and spices. Turned out to be good!

  18. Hello..I tried baby kale and its so tasty..thanku

  19. Urmila SharmaValand

    Wow, I cook Kale in the same way but without garlic though. I also put methi seeds instead of jeera seeds which gives a really nutty flavour.
    Really enjoyed the video. I am not a professional chef like you ladies. However, I just enjoy 'fusion' style in my cooking!

  20. Prajakta Adivarekar

    Hi! I am pregnant and was looking for this healthy & delicious kale recipe… I made it and its so much tasty.. I followed your Broccoli recipe as well which is similar to this recipe… Thanks a billion for showing this recipe!! You made my day 🙂 🙂

  21. Looks beautiful!

  22. So so looking forward to try this. Can you tell what is the flavour like? Is it spinach ?

  23. Greens should always be steamed not fried.

  24. Like Anuja said we use to stare at Kale and just move off in shops by just thinking what to do with this. Now I got the nice recipe from u. Will try for sure.

  25. Thank you so much i will definitely try this recipe, I've made another kale recipe that was kale steam muthiya using chickpea flour and millet flour and it was also good and testy.

  26. Kale has had a bad reputation for being bitter. I recently tried it and found it was more sweet than bitter. Nicer than cabbage. Thank you for this recipe. Love watching your videos.

  27. Where do you get the chickpea flour? Is it usually available in grocery stores?

  28. very healthy , and oh so simple ..thanks a lot .. *

  29. looks great, keep em coming

  30. its really a good recipe. i think i m going to add onions.

  31. same recipe as thr brocolli sabji : )

  32. This is excellent recipe. My wife makes Sambharo and this recipe looks like is inspired by Sambharo. We tried it. Test was great. I wish we should have chosen little tender ( less matured) bunch of kale. The stems end part was too fibrous. Next time we will discard the end part. Otherwise it came out very tasty.

  33. My mouth is watering I am going try. This kale curry very nice

  34. We love Kale and eat once a week.It is very good for Diabetic people.It is like Karela.But I love the way you have cook Kale.I will definitely cook the way you shown It looks Yammme.
    Keep your receipe going on I love to see them.

  35. SuperModerngranny

    yum! My kids love veggies, so this is perfect for dinner tonight!! Thank you!

  36. Jamaidah Mohammad

    TQ cili com

  37. tried this today for dinner with rotis ..came out very nice ..everyone liked it ..thank you 🙂

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