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http://simplyili.com Kale Soup, Simply Ili loves this new recipe for Organic Kale Soup, it’s a great change of pace for a light dinner. Great source of greens and …


  1. So I watched this video about a week ago and now I'm currently eating a bowl right now and i have to say that this soup is delicious and I'm glad you shared this recipe with me because it is full of nutritious veggies and a fairy easy go to meal have on hand. My only issue was that i am vegan and i made the mistake of just buying a jar of sofrito at the grocery store so i didn't have to make it separate. I did Not realize that it normally has meat in it!!! so i had to abandon my first try and start over. ( the jar was very deceptive). Anyway thanks again for the great recipe its by far the tastiest one I've tried using Kale.

  2. thanks for the great idea, i love to make big batches of healthy soup and eat on it all week as my go to meal. Blessings!

  3. When you add the water first before sautéing the garlic it just taste watery.

  4. I sauté my sofrito first with light olive oil onions, garlic, and whole cumin seeds. Sautéing these ingredients really give that sofrito and extra aroma. I then add the carrots and beans. Add the diced tomatoes to flavor with the sofrito and add the water and broth; last the frozen veggies cause I want to cook them last since I like a little crunch in my veggies. Toward the end I add fresh cilantro and oregano kale.

  5. I like your sofrito and ingredients except for the oil. I don't use grape seed oil. I rather use organic cold pressed light olive oil or coconut oil. Google grape seed oil and why it's not good.

  6. Did u put it in ur ass

  7. can u made some P.R beans n rice ? and will u marry me?

  8. NewBirth Hannah05

    Can you use organic chicken broth?

  9. In stead of a pound of salt which by the way is not a good because it is not healthy for the body, add celery instead beause it is a natural salt additive.

  10. Looks Yummy! !! Awesome Job 🙂

  11. Sofrito is a boricua style cuisine

  12. I am on a vegetarian diet as part of cancer therapy.  Will try this without white potatoes which are high glycemic and bad for everyone's health.  Sweet potatoes are a better eating alternative.  Better to have each person salt to taste when soup is served and consider sea salt or Himalayan pink salt.  We all consume too much sodium.  Thanks for a kale alternative that is not juicing!

  13. Where is ur sofrito video

  14. Sexy

  15. @ Pritesh Patel here is the link for the the sofrito recipe 🙂

  16. Dr. Pritesh Patel

    How do you make the Sofrito Lliana?

  17. Lliana you are too funny with the salt thing. I will try this soup because it sounds delicious. I will let you know okay. God bless

  18. Never saw sofrito  being used. COOL. That's the Puerto Rican  Masala. Love them both. thank you . Las Vegas

  19. pensive nincompoop

    I am going to try this one 😀 

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