Just vegetarian food, no drinks at Obama’s dinner for Modi

During the dinner party hosted by US President Barack Obama in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, only vegetarian food was served and no drinks were …


  1. 420 Khujliwale sadak chap gang Ka jija Modi

    Rajdeep you r son of bitch.behenchod u r full of shit.

  2. Rahul Tripathi

    rajiv is chutiya

  3. I hate him after what happened in USA,crap Rajdeep.

  4. Mr Rajdeep Desai you are not doing your job looks like still you are working as a anti modi

    If you don't change and support india than you are not a indian

    We think one Pakistani working in our media

  5. Y u are covering the news ,u don't know how to behave

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