Join us at the Vegetarian Food Festival!

The 28th Vegetarian Food Festival takes place September 7 – 9 at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre. For a full list of exhibitors and programming check out …


  1. There was hardly any samples..
    Too many bakeries not enough real food that wasn't deep fried! I couldn't find any healthy food for lunch!
    There was more samples and freebies at the NYC Vegan parade(beginning) which wasn't even a festival… Which included free pizza, cake, hummus, t-shirts etc! Nothing was for sale! It was trying to promote Veganism AND NOTHING COST A PENNY.
    I was very disappointed with this festival…

  2. Although I just looked up Vegan Meal Time & was thoroughly disgusted (wtf is that guy trying to do?)… anyway! Good times.

  3. Excellent!

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