Jodhpur, Rajasthan Non veg food | Laal Maans & more

We got chance to eat the best non veg food of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Details of food we had is given in description section of this video. On The Rocks Laal Maans …


  1. Sir plz Vizag ko explore kijiye..

  2. Superb video Bali ji

  3. please do visit 1)CoatGate in bikaner! Have raj ke bade!
    2)Then visit Arabpati chhate wala near BK school,
    3)Pani Puri stall at junagarh fort,
    4)Ganesh dhaba near Bikaner Station (have dal fry and paneer bhurji for sure),
    5)visit Purohit dhabha- at outskirts of bikaner! 6)Visit Chotu Motu joshi- have breakfast of danamethi, alloo and puri.
    7) Visit Joshi Ice cream parlour- have special tooti frooti
    8) have mirchi bada, bread bada, dahi kachori at BK school
    9) have Kadhi papdi and jalebi from a random stall.
    10) Eat the Ghewar for sure!
    11) eat green aloo stuffing samosa from any roadside!!
    Please do visit! I visit bikaner every year for one month! Im sure u will like everything

  4. आप को लाल माँस खाता देख कर मुँह में पानी मल्टिप्लाई बाई 4 हो गया बाली जी। जय हो।

  5. Kabhi apne Cameraman ko bhi shoot karo. Sir

  6. nice video bro


    Lovely food explore…egg halwa first time i listen..aap itna mirchi or tikha kyun like karte ho…??i am afraid of that oil floating on chicken and motton dishes.. Jodhpur mast place hai… Sunil from Odisha…

  8. Hi sir
    Really enjoyed ur video and lal maas

  9. I love ur videos…..

    Hi ….pls share and subscribe my video…I m a new vlogger. .
    Thanks in advance for your help….

  11. जैसलमेर के बाद बाड़मेर आना ना भूलना । बाड़मेर के भी स्वादिष्ट व्यजनों का लुफ्त उठाएं

  12. khushal jobanputra

    Ur video has a great vibe. Thanx for making videos

  13. Nice video sir.. also take care of your health

  14. akele akele khaaie

  15. Ye maas khane ka badla dena pdega

  16. Our india is great has multiple foods and multiple cultures

  17. Always good content

  18. o my god, I missed so many episodes. rajasthan my favorite and mutton yummy. I feel like come back to India and have good food. u have brought back my college days when we visited Rajasthan long time back and sweet memories. I am here at Boston now don't get best Indian, I would rather make my own. keep up the good work harish.

  19. Why north Indian food is so junk compared to south Indian.

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