JERUSALEM FALAFEL: Very Freshly made Saj Bread Sandwich Wraps: Vegetarian Street Food In London.

Meet the “Falafel Wrap Masters”!!! There is this market stall going by the name “Jerusalem Falafel” they serve up these gorgeous pure vegetarian / vegan wraps (for only £5.00) in Berwick…


  1. Where abouts is this place ?

  2. I know you will probably roll your eyes but i love Butter Chicken and Butter Naan bread. This indian man around the corner makes the best and its the real deal too none of this fake butter chicken, Have to try other curries but i always play it safe and go for butter chicken. I like mild butter Chicken cus it doesn't make my heart burn come up cus i suffer from heart burn.

  3. a big thumbs up. all of your vids are beautiful. thank you, brother!!

  4. Satyavani Vankayala

    Thanks for your sharing.God bless you :DYou are doing Annadaan(free distribution of food in the name of god) through electronic means to the large community of youtube users

  5. No cucumber or onion? ;S

  6. Mmm finally something I’ve eaten .i love that place

  7. Falafel is manna from heaven

  8. This one is a good find!

  9. Watching this at 06.30 and now I'm starving. Lucky you taste testing everything!

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