Jamaican Vegetable Patties Recipes from Chef Ricardo Cooking

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  1. Making it today, thanks…

  2. How are Jamaican patties so unique?

  3. chef did you use all purpose flour or self rising I want to make it.

  4. please please please make a spinach patties recipe!!! I'm constantly buying them and NEEED to make them myself or I'll go broke!!! I have an addiction lol not really but HELP

  5. Im making these tomorrow! Thanks!

  6. Dem veggie patty look good so till, mi ah try yuh recipe an see how dem turn out!! Bless Chef

  7. great! !

  8. Jennifer Adams Franklin

    Great work Chef! Lovin the accent. Will be checking out your book. You have some incredible authentic recipes.

  9. poor instruction, if i was a beginner in the kitchen i would be lost to what he describes for each step…..also he needs to decide if it's patios or English

    ***turmeric powder has the color you're looking for, with no flavor

  10. I like your videos a lot but too much "basically"

  11. This is great. The rastararian in me is grateful for the meat-less recipe.

  12. and the patty is supposed to be flaky not doughy when you bite into it

  13. that is the worst vegetable patty you can make that isnt how jamaicans make it

  14. very simple !!!
    thank you

  15. Good video bro

  16. Cool video

  17. Hi Chef! I just wanted to know, have you made a chicken patti recipe video?

  18. This much be delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Hi Chef Richardo I want to try this recipe without the white flour, do you think red lentil or chick pea flour is a good idea? Thanks again for your great videos.

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