Jamaican Ital. Stew Or Jamaican Vegetable Stew Caribbean Vegetable Stew | Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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  1. I am Jamaican and i live in Canada. I blend my own Cocoanut and strain it. I also buy the dry peas and soak and cook it. Not into can foods.

  2. he might have unsalted vegan butter.huh?

  3. Walena Living,dancing & PRAYING to God

    Next year I'am becoming a vegan…soon as Thanksgiving and Christmas over…I'am so glad I camed across this video…I need some recipes ❤️

  4. What did you add @6:20?

  5. No bother you wrong on this one,this is laze ital stew

  6. Aniyah Diloveli Lioness

    Hi Chef, when would I add the chocho?

  7. Did he say a pinch of olive oil? Chef Ricardo no easy wid him ting

  8. You should know that non stick pans are cancerous, bet everything else amazing

  9. Rons Diner 67Yum

    Bless up!

  10. That nuh italstew mi nuh weh you get this recipe from stick to your animal meat youth

  11. Yummy! Going to try this

  12. Étienne de Gaulle

    Rasta Man! We love the okra!

  13. Y'all are giving him a lot of grief but honestly when I look up the ital stew recipe I swear it seems a little different every time. His recipe looks fine. You don't want the stock then omit it. Add your scotch bonnet and your cállalou if you like. That's the beauty of cooking do what you like.

  14. Beverley Williams


  15. Not a real ital food but i loved dem colors

  16. #nobonezone ….. the real way

  17. Yes I we love Ital but NOT how your preparing it with yuh chemical product #NoTinPeas

  18. Spinnas?

  19. I like it except for the canned bean, butter and the vegetable stock.

  20. Nice and lovely one mi bredda!!!
    Question u think I can add shrimp to it just the way you have it?

  21. Finding Medicine

    I enjoyed every bit of this video. Thank you King

  22. Kassandra Forbes

    Chef, this is not considered Ital food.

  23. Come enjoy, this one here nice and lovely. yes

  24. Shantell Chapman

    Really pinch of coconut milk

  25. Make it as ital as you want it to be, some folks eat it raw like a Rasta, and some make it softer with like butter and natural sweetener or stock cubes

  26. Shermaine Prince

    where is the scotch bonnet pepper? to me thats the main ingredient

  27. That not ital…stew……we dont ise tin product in ital…u wrong bro

  28. Please name it something else and please don't give Rasta food bad name, this isn't Ital.

  29. for real, nice

  30. no fuckery!!!! it looks so good I love a clean cook

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