Jain Veg Ring | Jain Recipes | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Watch this video to find out the recipe for the delectable Jain Veg Rings. JAIN VEG RING Ingredients 8 bread slices ½ cup grated cottage cheese 1 small green …


  1. hey the detailed description is a non veg one just check though the vedio is veg one

  2. agar oven na hoye tho su karvu ????
    jain veg ring mate

    plz tame oven wali recipes oven bina pan kevi rite cook thaye ae batav jo

    thank you

  3. hey this is my dad id but i am not male

  4. work on pronunciation please.. lagse,bhavse,muki desu?it is.. lagshe, bhavshe, muki daishu.

  5. Y gujarati ..what about hindi speaking jains

  6. its not jain dish baby this may contains things that jains may not have to eat

  7. dont u know English or hindi

  8. If oven is not available thn what to do

  9. they eat capsicum

  10. good

  11. jain didn't eat capcium

  12. jain veg ring we can make in tawa ??

  13. wrong method n ing

  14. whats wrong with the description… maam plz check ur content before posting

  15. today i prepared it for my niece n nephew…they loved it very much…

  16. Anyother alternative for ketchup.But good without onion and garlic. I know this channel won't reply.

  17. How-come jains eat ketchup? Coz it contains preservatives and onion garlic too!!!!!!!

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