ITAL STEW PEAS: “Rastafarian Vegetarian Dinners cookbook recipe”

Written recipe for ITAL STEW PEAS: Rastafarian Ital Cuisine: Ital Stew Peas recipe …


  1. Do you have this recipe written somewhere so I can cook it

  2. yes love ital!! Healthy ting

  3. please rethink plastic foods such as coconut powder. people, please use real coconut milk. ital means no salt

  4. Defiantly not Rastafarian food if it contains salt and oil sorry but it's true.

  5. Marcella Williams

    This looks awesome! Thanks for showing me how its done. ….why did you leave it for 3 hours though? (Jamaica)

  6. your voice nice eeehhh lol thanks I recently stop eating eat but miss my Jamaican dishes please do more vegetarian Jamaican options cause it ruff fi mi lol

  7. Love this

  8. I need to see more ITAL recipes – Love this dish – I'm a new fan of your recipes. Bring me right back home – but recently I'm looking for more veggie/ital meals to prepare. Give Thanks

  9. That is not a healthy meal. It is too acidic. Healthy food comes in the form of alkaline foods. Rice, the beans and the dumpling are acidic. Acidity cause illness, disease, mucus, cancer. Eat some leafy greens, some seaweed, some lentils and lima beans. Eat colorful veggies and a little fruit. And get some alkaline grains like amarath, kamut, buckwheat or spelt. The only nuts that are alkaline are almond and brazil nuts but you may eat others sparingly. All seeds are alkaline. A balanced meal should be 60/70 % alkaline to maintain health and 85-100% when you are ill or battle a disease. Respect.

  10. miquel do you have a rice and peas video? I cant make it to save my life

  11. Extremely Clever

    I got to try this yah mehson.

  12. Kimberley Creary

    i learnt a lot reminds me of when ma grand mother use to cook…. i honestly didnt knw we had sum of this spices here ……

  13. HighConsciousness1

    Also chocha – can one get it in the USA? is there another name for it?

  14. HighConsciousness1

    Hi there – I just found your channel – I also just purchased a Pressure cooker – what kind of flour was that that you used to make that dumpling? I'm almost done with this video and really enjoying it!!

  15. annonymouse smokingun

    i just see him toss SALT IN THEREAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. you talk like peter tosh you knotty rasta hahaha just a joke :b love the recipe love is higher <3 1 ^^

  17. kathy jo tourtois

    so easy and good . first time i made spinners i didn't know they had to cook so long . lol but now i know . i have everything here to make this except the green chotey you cut up n put in it { bad spelling } sorry. also no weed sticks or scotch bonnet peppers . i do have hot peppers though . cant wait to try this also . ty for sharing this simple and hearty dinner recipe . have a great evening .

  18. Peace brother Miguel. Thanks for your culinary knowledge. 

  19. Love the ital recipes.

  20. MiQuel…you do a good job Bro. Keep the videos coming. Me and the queen always tryin your recipes.
    Do you have any Cornish hen/quail/pheasant recipes?


  21. Give thanks for this…

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