Is Eating Non-Vegetarian Food Ethically Wrong – Hariprriya Asks Sadhguru

Are you a foodie who can’t stop gorging on non-vegetarian food? In this hard-hitting video, Sadhguru’s shares his take on whether eating non-vegetarian is cruel …


  1. in which law does it say we have no right to eat for pleasure?

  2. Just because she is actress she has privilege to sit next to sadhguru.
    We are bit unlucky in that way.


  4. If i pluck an apple than what message does the tree send.If people believe in your science then they stop eating anything.can humanity (including you becouse you call yourself human)survive sadguru.

  5. Great reminder! Well timed for me!

  6. Stop making sense… It makes the food identitarians freak out.

  7. bad video worst of him

  8. Plants make their fruits to be eaten so the seeds are spread.

  9. Tq sadhguru…

  10. If your food has two eyes and two ears, don't eat it because it is able to feel pain and remember it.

  11. That was quite the diplomatic answer sure not to offend the masses……..

  12. I have been vegetarian for a few years but I don’t know why I am doing it anymore .. after a long time, I seem to do it because it’s a rule I set to myself, but not really out of compassion..

  13. First step towards crystal consciousness is to eat right and eat less. Pranams Sadhguru

  14. So Yes or No? Hello??

  15. Comparing animals to plants is really dumb. Plants don't have a brain nor a central nervous system. Plants do not scream. That's some ignorant propoganda being spread by someone I otherwise respect.

  16. Dislikes are coming from PUBG players 🙂

  17. Can anyone ask truth about nagmani.

  18. By the way fruits ,vegetables, pulses ,cereals e.t.c are byproducts of plants.They produce them to be eaten and disperse the seed.

  19. Earlier were days when people were first offering food to God then began eating …
    Having sense of Gratitude is most joyful thing

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