Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes| How to lose weight fast | Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes

Quick Weight loss with Lunch | Weight Loss Lunch Recipes | Lose 10kgs in a month Lose weight fast & Permanent, Stay Slim Forever: …


  1. Pradip Sonawane

    sambhar b chutnys recipe plz

  2. Mam ur recipe are awsome….i am thankful to u for my weight loss journey. Without it is not possible

  3. I had been so thrilled to try this diet regime “fetching tuti space” (Google it). My pal shed eleven pounds on this program. After three weeks of following it, I managed to shed 12 lbs. I did not make any big changes in my lifestyle. I have become mindful of just how much fat I was consuming and just consume less of it.

  4. hi does apple cider bad fr gastritis??

  5. Pulses salad are OK and can I add in your winter part 1 diet as I am starting from tom?

  6. great video. can yu suggest some drink for hip muscle to reduce

  7. Both three or take any one of these to make roti pls reply soon.

  8. Hi…your recepies are great
    N I am delighted to have so many options
    But can u please specify the quantity we should eat
    How many chapatiz…how much rice or dal
    Or what grams of paneer
    Awaiting response

  9. Qitchen Delights

    I lost almost 25 kg (55 pounds) in around 4-5 months and food definitely plays 80% role so its important to watch what you eat although I also worked out a lot to get in shape!

  10. peru shrikhande

    Please tell size of bowl

  11. Nice

  12. plz make the video for breakfast and dinner as well….the way u made this video for lunch recipes plz

  13. Nice Video Mam..Very Helpful

  14. Hii..Mam Long Time

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