Indian Street Food Tour in Kolkata, India | HUGE BENGALI Street Food in India + BEST Vegetarian Food

Indian Street Food | Street Food in India | Street Food Kolkata This was our first time in India, unfortunately we had to leave India much earlier than we expected …


  1. Whats up guys! Kolkata was INCREDIBLE it really is a STREET FOOD PARADISE!! Next up is our SINGAPORE series stay tuned for more on what happened to India. Check us out on social media for more – and

  2. taste good with the paper

  3. Save me some!!! =)

  4. So Luke, If you had to choose, Which county will you two get married? Besides Canada?

  5. I am bangali so when i saw your video's name i started right away .. Love from Bangladesh ♥♥

  6. Awesome work! Hope you had fun.

  7. I like Samantha! More of Samantha please. I like you too Luke 😀

  8. Wow, too bad that's your (potentially) only Inda vid! Loved the music. Ever played the SNES version of Aladdin? Reminds me of that.

  9. Like a lot of the commenters here I cringed seeing food being prepared on some kind of travel brochure, where the ink is likely going to run into the food. But as long as you're not eating that every day I'm sure you'll survive.

  10. Abar khabo means to want to eat once more. As in the sandesh is so good, it'll make you eat more.

  11. Hiiii Guyzzz call me if u Cme to Hyderabad. myself Sumanth 8886777534

  12. As an Indian & bengali I was disappointed with one thing…the background music of the video…its arabic music,not indian….otherwise ur video is very good….

  13. No longer is this chopstick related, it's now hands only travel.

  14. Burrito looks delicious

  15. Omg, next time you guys come to India, visit Kerala. You should try the sea food there! 🙂 Love your vlogs! 🙂 :*

  16. We Indian have his very bad habit of staring at other people. People from north eastern part of India like me find it very irritating.

  17. Really enjoyed that, I hope all is well. Looking forward to Singapore one of my favorite places to go when I was able to travel.

  18. The camera should be above eye level instead of below eye level to achieve brighter and better view of the food, background

  19. "Abar khabo" basically means I am going to eat this again …. Also try out authentic Bengali dishes …. You would like them

  20. Please do visit northeast india and taste our aromatic cuisine.

  21. Nice eyelash extension sabrina

  22. You should of tried the milklassi that one is usually the best. I'm so glad you guys are doing a video series in India. If you guys ever think about coming to the U.K… DON'T! There is nothing here. It sucks. Hope you guys do a series in south America or Eastern Europe.

  23. These guys are better than Foodranger, that guy is just weird and Mark Weins just looks homeless and acts like he's about to jizz his pants every time he eats something.

  24. You should visit Mumbai next time. The variety of food you get here is awesome. What makes it special is that it has an influence from other parts of the country.

  25. M Neil guys m big craz of food n u 2 also

  26. Wanna meet u guys n I share ph numbers 7002509256

  27. I like both of why u know coz u came in Kolkata

  28. This is my city ! I dont live here anymore but its home. I am so happy you guys were here !! I watched your tokyo and asian food vlogs with so much love !

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