Indian Recipes – Paneer Makhanwala – Andhra Telugu Vegetarian Food

Exhaustive recipe text in English together with additional Tips are available on This site …


  1. Nice recipes only add Cashew with pest in mixture for little sweet test.

  2. challa baavundi 🙂 (Thankq) tats 'Telugu' guys!!! 🙂
    very detailed description 😀 😀

  3. Any of you seen this cookbook called Chef 790 Secrets? My uncle reduced about 13 excess pounds in merely a month or so right after learning the recipe book! Simply google the site I can't recall the address.

  4. paneer makhanwala idian recipes

  5. indian food!

  6. @scribescribbler That's good to hear 🙂 But guess what, although I'm Indian I didn't follow a single word she said! LOL!! We have over 300 spoken languages and I don't speak the one she spoke!

  7. Did not understand language, but I got it reading the messages in English thanks!

  8. @justas8111
    that's just Latin for 'delicious brown gravy'

  9. thank you for this. =)

  10. yummMMY! i just hope the ingredients are easy to come by

  11. sorry I only know english

  12. botted vid 8,000+ views on mobile

  13. Looks delicious 🙂

  14. this language sounds really cool and looks yum

  15. @MstrMono Now I want Indian food. Don't bother with those idiots. I hate how most people aren't open to Indian/Filipino/Polish/whatever under-appreciated food, but gosh, as soon as someone sees a freakin' box of Pocky in the local market… Suddenly they consider themselves exotic food connoisseurs. 😛

  16. @khris540 lol powdered condiments? are you serious? those are spices.

    This looks awesome, fuck all you haters.

  17. WOW! 75 percent of the ingredients are powdered condiments. Gross!!!

  18. @6Surferdude , how does the sausages looks like?

  19. basically it's marinara sauce on roids

  20. That was really pleasant.

  21. @ArgonathLive
    Because it's understandable and Indian food is go-o-o-od.

  22. Her voice kept me here!!!!!!!!!1

  23. @ukewdgb how ignorant can one person be. Boggles the mind.

  24. @ukewdgb haha hopefully this is a joke (since you are talking about Native Americans). However without Indians (from India) we wouldn't have the number system we use today, decimal system, trigonometry, surgery, plastic surgery, chess, veterinary medicine, yoga, marshal arts (invented in India and spread to China), mother of all languages (Sanskrit) including English and million other inventions and advancements.

  25. yummy , have to try that . Thank you

  26. Hi Gayatriji, really simple n yummy recipe you have uploaded..will try this…thanx a lots…god bless…

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