Indian Potatoes with Bell Pepper – Vegan Vegetarian Recipe

Indian Potatoes with Bell Pepper – Aloo Capiscum – Vegan Vegetarian Recipe Food Ingredients: 2 Potatoes diced 1 green Bell Peppper cut 1-2 (Plum) Tomatoes …


  1. Santhosh Santhosh

    Can we use yellow capsicum

  2. Are the potatoes boiled or just straight cut?

  3. I made a small version of this but sliced the potato as thinly as the peppers and cooked them all at once.  I covered them for about 10 minutes on a low flame.  I didn't have chili powder but used  chili pepper flakes, or dried seeds.  This recipe is the only way I will enjoy green peppers!  Thanks for posting!

  4. Green Life In Dublin

    This looks very tasty, l have to try it, thanks for the recipe 🙂

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