INDIAN FOOD TOUR #11 // DELECTABLE Vegetarian Food in Hyderabad

Welcome to the Indian Food Tour #11 in Hyderabad, India. If you want to see the BEST vegetarian food and veg food among South Indian cuisine and North …


  1. Do you know how many times I say CHUTNEY in this video?

  2. Rajaa Chowdhury

    New lingo in the house (world), letz just call it the BUCKWILD LINGO!!!

  3. best way to eat UPMA is to pour some Ghee and Sugar on top of it. It will be a Nostalgic bite for many of south Indians

  4. Oh my Mahatma Gandhi ! Those chutneys definitely improved my life for the better sweety chicks !

  5. paneer in my opinion is the best cheese, rich in protein & less fatty

  6. It took meerly a nanosecond to go from watching this swadish vegetarian meal to dialing my local indian food truck and ordering up some delish dinner, hot and ready, sweetybuns. What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is nice conscientious feeding frenzy. ♡

  7. Allapalli Bhageerath

    Yo, do vist Minerva coffe shop in Himayatnagar in Hyderabd, its one of the oldest establishments for vegetarian food and you will not be dissapointed sweet cakes !

  8. "Sweet as the morning dew on a dick."

  9. Michael Mancini

    Can I just say that I really love all of your videos? My brother lives in Tokyo and I've experienced some pretty japanesey action, but now with this Indian mumbo jumbo, I think I know where I'm going this summer.

  10. Was gonna watch porn to get full chub then o saw you had a new video

  11. I am also from HYDERAGOOD but I can't swallow upma baby cakes.

  12. So you're pretty much done with Japan? Where do you think you'll go next?

  13. vignesh krishnamurthy

    in Karnataka and in some places in telengana, they add sugar or jaggery to sambar

  14. "Personed up" ??! WTF IS THIZ!

  15. well baby cakes u just don't go to chutneys n try north Indian … it's like going to KFC for salad … never the less addicted to watching your videos with that border line perv commentary of urs … cheers… keep them going…

  16. Dal makhani!?

  17. But who came first? Me or Dustin looking at this food?!

  18. Whoa whoa whoa Dare I say this is some buck wild content DAWG. Love all your videos

  19. Grant Garcia-Rojas

    Wow looks like you really got your fill on that sweet Hyderabad CHUTNEY! I didn't see you drinking any water in this video but something tells me you achieved total HYDERATION baby cakes

  20. I tapped on the Bell icon like a BUCKWILD MADMAN POSSESSED!!!!

  21. Your buck-wild video is like a yummy painkiller for my fractured leg sweet tits!

  22. you are the best food vloger because you are interesting to listen ☺️

  23. animekjpop12345crazy

    At 4:06 that chutney has a face LOL

  24. fucking Muslims ass licking is touching altogether different level.

  25. Hey buddy would love to take you out if you are still in Hyderabad or else even host you at our home. Do let me know if you are still around..

  26. Long chutney short this video is as good as it gets. #chutneyboner4life

  27. you are fucking awesome.. because you reply almost everyone in comment section 😀

  28. you are fucking awesome.. because you reply almost everyone in comment section 😀

  29. you are fucking awesome.. because you reply almost everyone in comment section 😀

  30. Youtube answers

    Try hot Jamun next time.

  31. I warn u do not take hindu god name in comedy .

  32. ohh wow enjoyed

  33. Funny and Viral

    I want some new buckwild Indian foods to eat can you actually blame me


  35. Govardhan Balaji

    Wow what a coincidence, sweetie cakes! I visited chutneys just today. You should've tried the buckwild MLA pesarattu (Upma jammed into the dosa)! They're famous for that 🙂 Next time hydie daddie.

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