I sampled some incredible vegan street food at Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles need to see this food. Subscribe …


  1. Friendly generous vendors.
    I want to eat allll….
    I love your channel, Im a Californian too!

  2. guess he doesn't believe in sitting down to eat

  3. nice vid man i would totally love to visit one of those places!

  4. Do not aspire to live in LA.

  5. GiantKingNicholasNicholaiNiccolo JamestheGreat

    I’m in Cameron Park, Ca. I wish I’d gone to L.A. for the event you’re vlogging.

  6. Is this in NoHo?

  7. omg don't move to LA, they are overflowing with vegan restaurants already! lol. move to NY 😀

  8. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you on your book tour through Seattle, but this video prompted me to volunteer for VegFest this year.

  9. Mónica Marie Mandujano

    Yes move to Caliiiiii babe

    This video just gives me so much genuine joy

  10. omg all of that food looks amazing wowowowow

  11. Ah, LA – you might have to commute 3 hours to a place & catch typhus in the process, but you'll damn sure eat pretty well. The food is great there. Miss the food scene so, so much.

  12. it's beyond me how you don't have a million subs already, been following your for years and I've been watching your videos through me being a meat eater, then vegetarian 3 years ago and finally vegan for 7 months now. You really do make a difference.

  13. Good Food…Good People

  14. elizabeth peralta

    omggg everything looked sooo good im def gonna go there !!

  15. Ugh! The burger thing from lettuseat ugh!

  16. I love your food tour videos. Because of the one you did in NYC, when I was in the city I made special effort to eat at a vegan restaurant.

  17. I'm from LA. I miss the food there. But Thailand is very vegan friendly. You should come do a food tour here on Koh Phangan. It's a vegan island with lots of vegan restaurants and beautiful beaches.

  18. - Kandy Soufax -

    I just moved to Cali. Gonna hit this joint this weekend.

  19. I hope this idea catches on in my home city – Sydney Australia.

  20. I was born in L.A!! Such a great city. Wonderful people!!

  21. I was born in L.A!! Such a great city. Wonderful people!!

  22. Excellent video. It would be great to have a weekly vegan market in Dundee Scotland. If I had the resources to move out of the UK I would consider moving to LA.

  23. Bushnell Entertainment

    Still in la? I love how people knew u and your show and they said you showed them how to be vegan! Keep up the good work for our precious animal friends!

  24. OMG thats me in my Bart Sweater! Great to meet you!! This is the Vegan Street Fair. 11223 Chandler Blvd North Hollywood CA 91601. Check out the Instagram "veganstreetfair" right next to the North Hollywood Metro station!

  25. Priscilla’s vegan lifestyle

    Please come to Miami

  26. I follow this festival on Instagram and they post amazing things like this every day.

  27. Thanks goodness I just ate a ermm souporicestew type of thing:))

  28. Hi Gaz 🙂 I just discovered you a couple days ago and love your cooking style and vids. I just ordered your cookbook!!! You are about the same age as my son and kind of remind me of him, lol. I've only been vegan for 1.5 years but  I really love eating this way. Your cookbook is the first vegan cookbook I've purchased. Been looking for just the right one. Thanks for all you do!

  29. Hi Gaz, I love The Food Tours and travels ❤️ I love your Channel too! Blessings from The States,

  30. I love watching your videos my sisters and my best friend always keep up with you we are huge fans (: Next time you're in town I definitely recommend you try Vegatinos they are a pop-up restaurant based in panorama city and can be found at the vegan street fair as well! Their tacos are to die for!!!!!

  31. I feel so proud of you! I'm so glad you're appreciated across the globe it is a sign for when you do open your many restaurants!

  32. Lettuce Feast is AMAZING!! I was just visiting LA from Canada and was lucky enough to try it and all my non-vegan family members loved it too 🙂

  33. Ramon Schumacher

    Let us feast or lettuce feast
    man eating plants or man-eating plants?

  34. felice mortarulo

    do another food tour in new york! they have SO many more amazing places that need recognition!!!

  35. In this corner of our culture, a cow, a chicken, a pig, a fish, will forever be food. If this bothers you, then being human ape bothers you. From there, you'll have to decide for yourself what follows.

  36. Just rented a place in walking distance so I can walk over every weelemd.

  37. Lalaland is melting, melting!

  38. Dancing with Aronnette!

    Great video! And the food looks delicious! I love your professionalism!

  39. Looks AMAZING!!!!

  40. In Her Blissful Moment

    All that yummy goodness. That cake tho is humongous!

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