INCREDIBLE Vegan Fall Recipes! beef-less stew

Vegan recipes just in time for the fall! Incredibly hearty vegan beef-less stew and roasted butternut squash spaghetti! I love these simple comforting vegan …


  1. Hey sorry guys, I made 2 wording mistakes! Been under a lot of pressure and deadlines and I mixed up some of the names of what I was cooking with which you guys have already left comments on. Clearly celery, clearly rosemary, equally, you can also use thyme and leeks in this recipe if you want too xxxxx my bad!

  2. Vagrant Vegan Show

    This is great. Love to find beautiful people looking to make a change!

  3. I'm eating a bowl of the stew right now and oh Wow. so so very nice. Thought i wouldn't be a fan of all the tomato in there but it works great!

  4. Worcester sauce is pronounced like wuss-ter or Wooster depending on your accent 🙂 loved this vid!

  5. Made this last night, and wow! My whole place smelled so delicious, perfect for fall! Planning to make this recipe for some meat-eaters in the future. For the mushrooms–I only used smoked paprika, soy sauce and maple syrup, and it was great. Also, you can make the mushrooms this way and then add some BBQ sauce, put it on a roll with some slaw and you have vegan BBQ pulled 'shrooms sandwich!

  6. I made it , sooooooo gooooood and flavorful

  7. Im a meat eater, but my vegan friend is coming over for dinner and I want to try a vegan recipe, and that stew looks amazing so I'm going to cook that! Oh and that "Vegan Worcestershire sauce" sounds good but too hard to find, so I'm going to replace it with Mushroom Ketchup which you can get in most super markets in the UK.

  8. Video starts at 1:30. Youre welcome.

  9. Charlene Castellanos

    I want a vegan beef stock recipe, please! THanks!!

  10. Nice cooking video! New subscriber! Looks delicious!

  11. Yum the spaghetti looks like the business.

  12. Looks delicious.

  13. That stew looks sooooo good. That was one of my favorite dishes when I used to eat meat. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Where is this top from?!


    Winter is coming! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am inspired and need more recipe ideas to eat healthy.

  16. made this for a late lunch today…..let me say that this was sooooo delicious. I did add fresh grated ginger to the shallots and garlic before adding my pasta.
    my kitchen was LIT.
    can't wait to try your beef-less stew. thanks for your videos.

  17. LOL gravy season! So true!

  18. Look To One Is Back

    Sounds good! Cant wait to try them! Thanks for sharing.

  19. I literally watch this video everyday.

  20. I just tried to make this stew and it is amazing! I wanted to treat myself to a hearty meal, with a little more effort than I usually put into cooking haha. It tastes great! I didn't have any red wine or Worcestershire sauce, but I added yellow mustard to enhance the flavour. Worked for me!

  21. Please show us how you do your stock

  22. My god she’s gorgeous

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