If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35 Ultra Spiritual T-Shirts: http://shop.awakenwithjp.com/ Claim Your free download of “7 Ways to …


  1. i wonder what is the worst criminal act someone vegan has commited ?

  2. i look at these comments and think man i just wanna be happy and be me xD that may involve some dead cows but hey

  3. these people re just retarded

  4. cet. vies (inthenameofhumanrights)

    This root linking us to the universe that wants to exist, that exists, i.e. that lives, this need, it is what is called 'Will'. and Might. not that you will decide if life is attributed longer to a creature, not the might of the all, the signs of it, and rather not disparage it. Root, route.


  5. I hate vegans

  6. Am I wrong to say that you can be vegetarian, not full vegan, and still help the environment? Couldn't you even be a meat eater and help out if your diet consisted mainly of animals you raised yourself–like fish or rabbits, hunted–like deer and small fowl, or foraged (like bugs)? I mean, gathering eggs from a chicken doesn't hurt the chicken. No one is complaining about needing to protect the grasshoppers, and we know how prolific rabbits can be.

  7. Here are three more examples of the flawless logic that omnivores use on a daily basis. See if you can argue with any of this, vegans.

    1. Vegans try to make their food look like meat, whereas cow and chicken guts just naturally look like burgers and nuggets.

    2. Soy is bad for the human body and because it’s the only edible plant in existence, it’s best we stick with eating the animals that are fed large amounts of soy.

    3. Veggie burgers and hotdogs are all highly processed, unlike meat which is never processed.

  8. Healthy Balance in Meat and vegetables is good

  9. Jack the Gestapo (SS-Sturmbannfuhrer)

    When you eat pineapples, the pineapples also eats you!

  10. Guatemalan Dude 69

    What I got from this video: vegans are cunts, meat eaters are cunts, I'm a cunt for saying they're cunts, this comment section is full of cunts and madonna is a cunt cause she stuffs man meat in her mouth also morrissey is a cunt

  11. 9gaggggggggggggggggggggggggggg WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. Vegans are superior. Deal with it.

  13. Love this!

  14. wonder why you think that only animals deserve to live and not plants, so eating plants its okey, but not animals? why? plants gives us oxygen too, stop eating them, their living things too! (laughing)

  15. jajaja this is hillarious!

  16. 2:38 lel

  17. make pro slavery one

  18. why the fuck would anyone eat RAW MEAT, cook the damned thing

  19. Can someone tell me what's wrong with me?
    I have no pity in animals. I do not care about all those pigs, cows, chickens, ect. getting tortured. They taste delicious and I will eat them. The sent of raw meat is delicious, and I like the metallic taste of their blood.
    When I eat eggs and drink milk in the morning and think about dead chicks and poor cows, I feel smug.
    If there was a dead animal on the road, I would probably scoop it's eyeballs out with a stick, and attempt to cut open the stomach to see the organs.
    I also do not care about domestic animals, such as dogs or cats. I've always wanted to snap an animals neck, like a mouse or a small bird. Do you just twist their head and they're dead? Does the cracking sound happen, or does blood show up? The only animal I slightly care about is my cat. I still hate her, the only reason I do not want to kill her is because the house would feel empty.
    When people call me heartless, or a killer for eating meat and that I should rot in hell, I feel proud that they hate me. :)

  20. Hitler – Vegan
    Genghis Khan – Vegetarian
    Pol Pot – Vegan
    Charles Manson – Vegan

  21. To all the vegans that think you're superior, fuck you and your opinions. To the vegans that are normal, I really appreciate you, please don't screw it up preaching to us that eating steak is bad. We meat people don't just eat meat, not all animals are victim to cruelty and have quick deaths, and lastly I have no problems with you being vegan you do you boo boo.

  22. True, meat eaters are terrible

  23. i couldnt stop laughing when he said "that coconut was gonna grow into a palm tree. why would you eat that?"

  24. i feel like theres this speculation that vegans have no sense of humor but we really just don't find jokes about sentient animals being slaughtered all that hilarious

  25. The vegans also complain about the environment and how overexcessive farming creates ozone… Well more vegans means less farming and more meat for us!

  26. So true, I've already stopped talking to many people that became vegans, it's like I don't care if you eat plants, but I don't want to hear about it 24/7.

  27. Why did the vegan cross the road?

    Because she was protesting for the chicken.

  28. love this vid,could watch it over n over

  29. David Daniel Wouters (DaveFlash)

    this is pure genius! I'll always be a meat eater! But I do hope more people become vegan so I can eat more meat!

  30. fun fact: Hitler was a vegetarian

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