1. Ive found that vegan cheeses taste best melted down in a flour/almond milk roux. Then pour the cheese over nachos or pizza. Its amazing and the weird texture goes away

  2. asceses Glitter

    Awww I just love Mark so much!!
    This was a great video sweetheart xxx

  3. Trying the Lemon Cake "Ahhhh. Ewwwww. Ohhhhhhhh" I love your genuine reactions to things.

  4. Alisia Menegotti

    Your personality shining through in this video made me genuinely laugh and smile ❤️❤️. By the way, the description is e v e r y t h i n g

  5. Just LOVED this video!!! xxx

  6. April, City Girl to Country Wife

    I just did a video today on those Italian sausages. Interested to hear your opinion

  7. Vegan woot woot

  8. Charlotte's Place

    I was ready to be so triggered watching this because as a vegan I'm so used to people having preconceptions about vegan food and not even giving it a try. So thank you for trying it and giving an honest opinion without being rude about it. As with any food there's always some that's better than others. I'm vegan and sometimes I try new things and HATE them. The current agricultural system is horrendous and is something that everyone needs to think about when purchasing their food, whether you're vegan or not. I hope this video leads you and viewers to do more research about food and how it's produced. Thanks again 🙂

    Also, there are a lot of accidentally vegan foods like skittles, jelly tots, Pringles etc.. so maybe you could do a snacks video? 🙂

  9. please do 24hr vegan !!! hoepfully it will open ur mind to go fully vegan <3

  10. I'm not a vegetarian but I actually prefer the Quorn stuff to actual meat 🙂

  11. are regular crisps not vegan? i know milk powder can be an issue but they’re just fried potatoes, right? am i being dumb?

  12. Thanks for trying vegan and vegetarian food!! Hopefully more people decide to save the world becoming vegetarian or vegan! Thanks!!!

  13. Princess Aspien

    Omnivores making a big fuss out of trying vegan food as if fries aren’t vegan

  14. Mark the turkey escalopes are REAL turkey my love. Their Bernard Matthews brand who make the dinosaurs, I love Quorn as it's better tasting. You should try the peppered steaks and burgers by Quorn their georgous!!!!

  15. You should try some other kind of vegan cheese like violife or sheese because the Sainsbury’s free from one is definitely one of the least impressive vegan cheese out there

  16. Mark! I love that you brought some awareness to vegan food and also gave honest reviews as a meat eater. I enjoyed this video immensely. But I must say as a vegan so many foods are naturally vegan and you bought a lot of processed stuff and meat alternatives. I’d love to see you try to whole food plant based home cooked stuff. Maybe a vegan cooking video with Zoe! Love you and all you do!

  17. You're so funny Mark, eating real meat without realising haha. Still a great video!

  18. you should have tried a vegan pizza from papa johns!!!


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